Action Council: 5 Additional Announcements — April 21 to April 25

5 Additional Announcements:

1) From Ruthie for TODAY – EARTH DAY – April 22nd

Here’s a comprehensive article on A Fierce Green Fire which is playing tonight on KQED.

Here’s the link to Mark Kitchell’s Democracy Now interview with Amy Goodman:

Start at about 13:00

2) Wednesday, April 23 (From Jobs with Justice)

“Inequality for All” Film Screening & Panel Discussion

Wednesday, April 23rd
5pm – 8pm

City College Mission Campus
1125 Valencia St., SF
Room 109

A passionate argument on behalf of the middle class, this film features Robert Reich-professor, best-selling author, and Clinton cabinet member-as he demonstrates how the widening income gap has a devastating impact on the American economy and threatens the viability of the American workforce and the foundation of democracy itself. Reich uses humor and a wide array of facts to explain how the issue of economic inequality affects each and every one of us.

Sponsored by City College Student Labor Action Project, Jobs with Justice and AFT 2121.

Spanish subtitles. Food and discussion. For more info or to RSVP, email

3) For Friday, April 25th Debt-Free Future National Day of Action

Friday, April 25th

U.S. Department of Education Regional Office
50 Beale Street, SF

Two years ago, on April 25, 2012, national student debt surpassed $1 trillion. Today, student debt continues to explode. The Department of Education turns a profit –$125 billion over 10 years –while workers struggle to repay student loans, and students face higher college costs than ever.

Join us in demanding that the Department of Education:

1. Champion Pell Grants and need-based federal student aid
2. Disclose Wall Street’s presence on campus
3. Promote all loan repayment options for all borrowers
4. Investigate predatory student loan servicers

Click here to download the fact sheet: “The Student Debt Crisis and the U.S. Dept. of Education: How a Government Agency Shirks Oversight and Operates Like a Big Bank.” For more info, email

4) Friday, April 25, Stop U.S. Global Militarization: Join the protest, Friday, SF, 5:30pm -6:30pm

Action Alert:

US Out of the Asia Pacific!

International Day of Action to Demand an End to US Militarization in the Asia Pacific

Date: Friday, April 25, 2014
Location: SF Federal Building, Mission@7th St
Time: 5:30 PM

Or call the White House: 202-456-1111

Or tweet: #USoutofAsPac #AsPacNot4Sale

Under the guise of friendship, economic development and humanitarian concern, President Obama is visiting the Philippines, Japan, Korea and Malaysia from April 22-28. We aren’t fooled! The goal of Obama’s visit is to push for new military and economic agreements that would ensure American domination over the Asia Pacific but would result in more human rights abuses, violence against women and poverty in countries like the Philippines. One of the worst: the US-Philippines Framework Agreement for Enhanced Defense Cooperation–which would usher in thousands of troops, warships, drones and armaments into the Philippines, in violation of the country’s sovereignty and leading to more human rights abuses of civilians.

Join BAYAN-USA and others who believe in promoting peace, not war, in a day of action to condemn further militarization of the Asia Pacific.

In SF: protest at the SF Federal Building, Mission @ 7th Street, 5:30-6:30 PM

Call President Obama at 202-456-1111 to voice your concern over his visit to the Philippines!

Use one of these sample scripts:

“Hi. I’m (say your name), I’m from (say where you’re from). Please tell President I don’t want my tax dollars used on a Military Access Agreement with the Philippines.”

Hi, I’m _____ from ______. I’m concerned about President Obama’s visit to the Philippines to promote militarization and to offer more aid to the Philippine military. I object to the Department of Defense using Typhoon Haiyan as an excuse to send more US military to the Philippines.

Hi, I’m _____ from ______. I’m concerned about President Obama’s visit to the Philippines to discuss a Military Access Agreement with Pres. Noynoy Aquino. I do not support increasing US military presence in the Philippines and the Asia Pacific Region.

For more information and Southern California, New York, Portland and Seattle locations for protest action:

5) From Michael L. Saturday, April 26th 1:30pm – 4:30pm

Age Song Café
601 Hayes Street (corner of Laguna)

Our friend, Dave Welch, will be performing. He sings for Justice for the postal workers, people of Haiti and all of us!


Earth Day special: “A Fierce Green Fire” to be shown tonight on KQED at 9pm

Written, directed and produced by Academy Award-nominee Mark Kitchell (Berkeley in the Sixties), American Masters: A Fierce Green Fire spans 50 years of grassroots and global activism from the 1960s-2009 and connects the major causes of environmentalism, from conservation to climate change. Narrated by Robert Redford, Meryl Streep, Ashley Judd, Van Jones and Isabel Allende, the film premiered at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival and has won acclaim worldwide.

Inspired by the book of the same name by environmental journalist and film interviewee Philip Shabecoff, and informed by advisors like conservation biologist E.O. Wilson, A Fierce Green Fire unfolds in five acts, each with a central story and character, featuring vivid archival footage and new interviews that shed light on the battle for a living planet. The first four acts include success stories of people fighting for causes against enormous odds, and the fifth concludes with climate change.

The Conservation Movement

Act 1, narrated by Robert Redford, focuses on the conservation movement of the 1960s, the Sierra Club and its Executive Director David Brower’s battle to halt dams in the Grand Canyon.

Pollution and Cleanup

Act 2, narrated by Ashley Judd, looks at pollution in the 1970s, spotlighting the fight led by film interviewee Lois Gibbs and other Love Canal (Niagara, N.Y.) residents to save their children from toxic waste.


Act 3, narrated by Van Jones, features alternative ecology strands like Greenpeace and its famous campaigns to save whales and baby harp seals, including interviews with co-founders Paul Watson and Rex Weyler.

Global Resources

Act 4, narrated by Isabelle Allende, charts the rise of global resource crises in the 1980s with the struggle to save the Amazon rainforest, led by Chico Mendes and his fellow Brazilian rubber tappers, as its centerpiece.

Climate Change

Act 5, narrated by Meryl Streep, tackles climate change and the 25-year effort to address this ongoing, global problem, featuring author/activist Bill McKibben, founder of, a movement dedicated to solving the climate crisis.

The film’s title is derived from pioneering ecologist Aldo Leopold’s A Sand County Almanac (1949), which describes his awakening after shooting a wolf while working as a U.S. Forest Service ranger: “We reached the old wolf in time to watch a fierce green fire dying in her eyes.”

“The environmental movement is the biggest movement the world has ever seen, yet so broad and diffuse that we lack a larger sense of what it was about,” explains Kitchell. “A Fierce Green Fire is meant to take stock, explore the historical meaning, where we’ve come from and where we’re heading. A hugely ambitious undertaking, it has proved to be the greatest challenge of my career.”

“A Fierce Green Fire furthers the story of the environmental movement that American Masters began exploring in 2011 with John Muir in the New World, which won an Emmy,” said Stephen Segaller, executive-in-charge of American Masters and vice president of programming for WNET. “The film is a series first because there is no ‘American Master,’ per se. Instead, we are featuring a movement made up of individuals and organizations worldwide that have left an indelible impression on America’s cultural landscape, and beyond.”

Launched in 1986 by series creator Susan Lacy, American Masters has earned 26 Emmy Awards — including nine for Outstanding Non-Fiction Series since 1999 and five for Outstanding Non-Fiction Special — 12 Peabodys, an Oscar, three Grammys, two Producers Guild Awards, and many other honors. Now in its 28th season on PBS, the series is a production of THIRTEEN. WNET is the parent company of THIRTEEN and WLIW21, New York’s public television stations, and operator of NJTV. For more than 50 years, THIRTEEN has been a partner with the tri-state community, using its rich resources to inform and inspire the passionate people of New York and the world to better understand and address the issues that challenge our diverse communities.

A Fierce Green Fire is a production of Mark Kitchell. Mark Kitchell is director, producer and writer. Marc N. Weiss is executive producer. Ken Schneider, Veronica Selver, Gary Weimberg, Jonathan Beckhardt and Robert Dalva are editors. Vicente Franco is cinematographer. Original music is by George Michalski, David Denny, Garth Stevenson, Randall Wallace and Todd Boekelheide. For American Masters: Susan Lacy is executive producer. Stephen Segaller is executive-in-charge.

American Masters is made possible by the support of the National Endowment for the Arts and by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. Additional funding for American Masters is provided by Rosalind P. Walter, The Blanche & Irving Laurie Foundation, Rolf and Elizabeth Rosenthal, Jack Rudin, Vital Projects Fund, The André and Elizabeth Kertész Foundation, Michael & Helen Schaffer Foundation, and public television viewers. Funding for A Fierce Green Fire is provided in part by Gould Family Foundation; Farvue and Wallace Genetic Foundations; Sundance Institute Documentary Program and Fund with the Wallace Global Fund; California Council for the Humanities; Rick Rosenthal & Nancy Stephens; Wallace Alexander Gerbode Foundation; LEF Foundation; Nu Lambda Trust; Patagonia; Josephine Merck; Joshua Mailman; David Greenberg; Fred Gellert Family Foundation; Marion Hunt; Charlie Pendergast; James Kimo Campbell; Dan Gabel; Susan Schindler; Gary Ferdman; Steven Cohen; Sam & Betty Kitchell; and Tides Foundation.

Action Council Events — April 21 to April 28

Monday, April 21

April 21, Monday, 9:00 am. – PG&E Pleading NOT GUILTY to the 2010 San Bruno disaster! (Arraignment)

450 Golden Gate Ave.,(betw. Larkin & Polk Sts.), SF

-Gather – 9:00am for a street presence outside 450 Golden Gate Ave.

-Court Arraignment – 9:30am, Federal district Court, 450 Golden Gate Ave., Courtroom G on 15th Floor.

(If you intend to attend the arraignment – allow time to go through security – no signs allowed)

-We might then march one block to the CPUC.

PG&E is being arraigned – pleading NOT GUILTY to 12 felony indictments for gross negligence in the 2010 San Bruno disaster, in which there was a loss of life.

PG&E also operates the Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant in San Luis Obispo, which is in a seismic active zone. PG&E has been ordered to run seismic studies of the area around Diablo.

Could Diablo Canyon be our next Fukushima?


Please bring signs – suggestions:


RE: Pacific Gas and Electric Company Natural Gas Transmission Pipeline Rupture and Fire, San Bruno, California, September 9, 2010

Pipeline Accident Report NTSB/PAR 11/01 Washington, DC.

On September 9, 2010, about 6:11 p.m. Pacific daylight time, a 30 inch diameter segment of an intrastate natural gas transmission pipeline known as Line 132, owned and operated by the Pacific Gas and Electric Company, ruptured in a residential area in San Bruno, California. The rupture occurred at mile point 39.28 of Line 132, at the intersection of Earl Avenue and Glenview Drive. The rupture produced a crater about 72 feet long by 26 feet wide. The section of pipe that ruptured, which was about 28 feet long and weighed about 3,000 pounds, was found 100 feet south of the crater. The Pacific Gas and Electric Company estimated that 47.6 million standard cubic feet of natural gas was released. The released natural gas ignited, resulting in a fire that destroyed 38 homes and damaged 70. Eight people were killed, many were injured, and many more were evacuated from the area.  PG&E’s history of abuse, here are some highlights: (these links are from 2011, thanks to Ellen O.)

San Bruno gas pipeline explosions, resulting in deaths, injury, and destruction of homes.
• PG&E lied about pipeline inspections
• whistleblowers harassed

Full Report:
Smart Meters, with serious problems including health impacts, electrical fire and explosion dangers, interference with electronics, privacy invasion and surveillance, hacking and cybersecurity risks, remote disconnection of power, overbilling, and more
Diablo Canyon – safety violations, built astride earthquake faults, impacts to marine life and neighbors. This hazardous plant needs to be shut down, and the spent fuel housed in dry cask storage.
Acoustic seismic testing – this dangerous “testing” would maim or kill marine life from zoe plankton to whales, to test for faults already well-documented. It has been halted for now, but PG&E may come back with additional proposals

April 21, Monday 5:00pm – 7:00pm, Burrito on Bernal Heights – Remembering Alex Nieto

5:00pm Meet at Precita Park, SF

Monthly gathering every 21st of the month at 5:00pm at Precita Park. Bring Your Own Burrito, chips and sunflower seeds. At sunset we will walk up Bernal Hill. On March 21, Alex Nieto was shot at least 10 times on Bernal Heights by 4 SFPD at sunset, while he ate and relaxed before going to his security job at El Toro on San Bruno Ave.

The Community Remembers, and support the family.

April 21, Monday, 7:30pm – OccupyForum will be in Berkeley with Nomi Prins

Nomi Prins: All the President’s Bankers: The Hidden Alliances that Drive American Power

The Hillside Club, 2286 Cedar Street, Berkeley, CA

$12 advance tickets: :: 800-838-3006 or Pegasus Books (3 locations), Moe’s, Walden Pond, Diesel a Bookstore, Mrs. Dalloway’s Books, SF – Modern Times
$15 /door
The relationship between Washington and Wall Street isn’t really a revolving door. It’s a merry-go-round. As Prins shows, the merriest of all are the bankers and financiers that get rich off the relationship, using their public offices and access to build private wealth and power. Nomi Prins follows the money. She used to work on Wall Street. And now she has written a seminal history of America’s bankers and their symbiotic relationship with all the presidents from Teddy Roosevelt through Barack Obama. Prins is a born story-teller. She turns the history of the moneyed class into a breathless romance—the tawdry affairs of bankers and the presidents who love them.

Nomi Prins is an American author, journalist, and Senior Fellow at Demos. She has worked as a director at Goldman-Sachs and as an analyst at Bear Stearns. It Takes a Pillage: Behind the Bonuses, Bailouts, and Backroom Deals from Washington to Wall Street, was her loudest whistleblower book …so far.

Tuesday, April 22

April 22, Tuesday, 7:45am – 9:30am – San Francisco Must STOP the RECYCLING CENTERS EVICTIONS! RALLY & PRESS CONFERENCE

During Mayor’s Earth Day Breakfast

San Francisco City Hall Steps – (Both sides of City Hall – Van Ness & Polk Sts.)

SF cannot reach our collective goal of zero waste by 2020 with curbside recycling and reverse vending machines alone. Recycling and keeping it accessible to all through community recycling centers, is one pillar in the movement to preserve the ecosystem for future generations.

“In addition to helping our planet, recycling creates an economic lifeline for some of our poorest and most vulnerable San Franciscans”

- Tom Ammiano


April 22, Tuesday, 10:00am – Anti-eviction Rally at SF Association of Realtors

Corner of Van Ness and Grove Streets, SF

Please come support seniors and people with disabilities who will present a letter to the realtors association, demanding they not oppose proposed changes to the Ellis Act and that they stop senior evictions. “Ethel’s List–the Dirty 30 list” of the top thirty evictors of seniors and people with disabilities will be introduced at the rally.

Sponsored by Senior and Disability Action, Housing Rights Committee, Eviction Free SF, POOR Magazine, Bill Sorro Housing Program & Manilatown Heritage Foundation. For information, call Tony Robles, 415-374-5344.

April 22, Tuesday, 5:00pm Rally – - 6:30pm Speakout – Support SF Teachers & Paraprofessionals

555 Franklin St., SF

As the cost of living in San Francisco skyrockets, too many educators with deep roots in our communities are getting forced out of the City. The instability is hurting our schools, our students, and our families.

The SFUSD will receive substantial additional resources in the coming years and must make sure to spend the money wisely. United Educators of San Francisco’s demands include:

* A salary comparable to the highest standard in the area and in keeping with other public sector workers.
* Healthcare coverage that doesn’t penalize families.
* Professional respect for our paraprofessionals who serve our most vulnerable students.
* Full support for our elementary school students, including smaller class sizes.

Please join us at the SFUSD Board of Education meeting to support our public school educators and our public schools!

Wednesday, April 23

April 23, Wednesday, 5:30pm – 6:30pm Codepink’s Weekly Peace Vigil

Market Street on steps below Feinstein’s office at Montgomery and Market, (directly above the Montgomery BART / Muni Station, SF

Feel free to bring your own signage, flyers, items for the altar to child drone victims, ideas for future vigils …

Stand with us and the huge PEACE Banner! Everyone welcome!

Thursday, April 24

April 24, Thursday 10:00 am SF, 1:00pm San Leandro and 3:30 pm Campbell – STOP PRIVATIZATION OF THE POST OFFICE
Postal Workers National Day Of Action Against Privatization At Staples (Corrupt Blum-Feinstein Connection)

Time: 10:00 AM
Address: 1700 Van Ness Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94109

Time: 1:00 PM
Address: 15555 East 14th Street #200, San Leandro, CA 94578

Time: 3:30 PM
Address: 500 East Hamilton Avenue, Campbell, CA 95008


April 24, Thursday, 4:00pm – CCSF -Board Meeting this Thursday WITH Public Comment!

Multiuse Building Room 140
Ocean Campus – CCSF
Phelan Avenue

For the first time since last July when our Board of Trustees were dis-empowered, the Special Trustee with Extraordinary Powers (STWEP) will take our public comments. Please come and let him know what you think!

The format for this public meeting will follow the general guidelines found in Board Policy 1.11.

You may also submit your comments via email to the STWEP by 4:00 pm:

To view the resolutions for the April 2014 Agenda:

If you are having trouble with this link, please follow the steps below:

1) Go to
2) Scroll down the page until you see the left navigation link – Board Agendas, double click the link
3) On the left hand side, you’ll see a navigation bar that says “Meetings: 2012 to present”
4) Find the notice(s) you would like to view
5) Click the date
6) Download notice(s)

Saturday, April 26

April 26, Saturday, 11:00 am – PEOPLE’S EARTH DAY 2014 – Environmental Justice Walk Against Cancer and Pollution

Martin Luther King Jr. Park
5700 block of 3rd Street at Carroll
Bayview Hunters Point

Let’s march together in memory of our loved ones who have passed or are suffering from cancer,
and dedicate ourselves to work for healthy communities and environmental and climate justice.

Stop pollution of our communities! Toxic waste & neighborhoods don’t mix! Protect communities from climate change & rising sea levels that threaten to flood toxic sites near our homes!

Sponsored by Greenaction for Health and Environmental Justice, Huntersview Mothers and Fathers Committee for Health and Environmental Justice, Bay Area, 350 SF, Breast Cancer Action, Bayview Footprint, Sunflower Alliance, Occupy San Francisco Environmental Justice Working Group, West Berkeley Alliance for Clean Air & Safe Jobs

Info: 415-447-3904

April 26, Saturday, 10:00am – 2:00pm, 9th Annual WALK Against Rape (fundraiser)

Start: The Women’s Building – 3543 18th Street, SF

End: La Raza / Potrero del Sol Park at Potrero Ave and 25th Street

Join the communities of San Francisco to raise awareness about sexual assault at Walk Against Rape, a 3.5 mile walk starting at the Women’s Building and culminating in a Festival at La Raza / Potrero del Sol Park. This is a fundraiser for San Francisco Women Against Rape

Info / Registration:

April 26, Saturday, 10:00 am – 1:00pm Displacing Gentrification: a peoples’ forum to build unity in the fight for our communities! (Oakland)

Met West High School in Oakland
1100 3rd Ave
Oakland, CA 94606

Event followed by a community BBQ at the Met West yard from 1-3pm (please bring a dish to share if you can!).

We will have food, childcare and translation into Spanish available.

ABOUT EVENT: Organizers of the event, which includes different Bay Area social justice organizations, community groups and coalitions, seek to build a city-wide movement against gentrification and displacement. Our community meeting will focus on pulling together all of the folks that we know of that are doing good work to fight gentrification to learn about what folks are doing, share what’s working, plug in folks that want to get involved in the fight, and identify opportunities for collaboration and city-wide efforts.

SOLUTION: Our vision is for self-determined communities where residents have the opportunity to thrive and collectively own and make decisions about the resources in their neighborhoods. We want to start this journey by building a city-wide movement against gentrification and displacement.

ABOUT GENTRIFICATION: Gentrification is HERE! Oakland’s seeing rising rent costs, a massive influx of private and public development dollars and our city’s leadership values profit over the needs of working class communities in Oakland.

Oakland’s Black population has dropped by 25% in the 10 years between 2000 and 2010. Rents in Oakland have gone up 20% on average in the past year and in certain neighborhoods even more than that. Our mayor and city council continue to approve development projects without genuine community input or buy- in – and all of theses aspects of gentrification are pushing people out of Oakland.

People, neighborhoods and organizations all over Oakland are fighting to stop the impact of gentrification in our communities, but we’re not coordinating our efforts, and we have a lot to learn from each other.

April 26, Saturday, 12Noon – 3:00pm – ACT NOW! OUR CITY! OUR HOMES! (SF)

Civic Center, SF

Join us to say YES to fair rents! NO MORE evictions and predatory speculation!
There will be interactive activities!

San Francisco Anti-Displacement Coalition

Info / RSVP:

April 26, Saturday, 1:30pm – 4:00pm Gray Panthers Benefit with Dave Welch

Age Song Café
601 Hayes Street (corner of Laguna)

Our friend, Dave Welch, will be performing. He sings for Justice for the postal workers, people of Haiti and all of us!


April 26, Saturday, 7:00pm – 10:00pm, People’s Park 45th Anniversary Symposium

Art House
2905 Shattuck Avenue
Berkeley,CA 94705

Open Free Speech Mic.

Are more People’s Parks the solution? Running candidates? Is Revolution possible?
What kind of organizations do workers need? How should we deal with Climate Change? What about the tree-protest on campus? What about the homeless?

Sunday, April 27

April 27, Sunday – 10:00 am – Canvas Richmond RE: Chevron Refinery Expansion Plans

Bobby Brown Center


April 27, Sunday, 12 Noon – 6:00pm – People’s Park 45 th Anniversary

People’s Park
2556 Haste St. (betw. Telegraph & Bowditch)
Berkeley, CA 94704

Music, dancing, drumming, free food.

Remember the fallen & celebrate another trip around the Sun for the world’s most unique social experiment.

Monday, April 28

April 28, Monday, 7:00pm – SF Workers Memorial Day-Fighting for Health And Safety & Healthcare For Injured Workers

Remember The Dead, Fight For The Living

ILWU Local 34
5 Berry St./Next To AT&T Ball Park San Francisco, CA

Join injured workers, health and safety advocates, healthcare advocates and others on Workers Memorial Day in San Francisco on April 28, 2014. In California workers face a more and more dangerous situation on the job with injuries and deaths from workplace toxins and hazards. New technologies such as biotech and nanotech are unregulated and workers union and unorganized who speak out about health and safety are illegally retaliated against in many workplaces.

California has only 166 OSHA inspectors for 18 million workers and the state refuses to even hire more inspectors with money that has already been appropriated. Ca-OSHA whistleblowers are now speaking out about the need to defend Ca-OSHA to protect California workers on the job. There is a growing scandal at Cal-OSHA and DIR because they have not spent the money they have for a proper number of OSHA inspectors.

Workplace bullying on the job is also creating more health problems including depression which is now a larger part of workplace injuries yet has been threatened by California SB 863 which limits compensation for these injuries.

Injured workers also face a growing crisis after they have to go through one obstacle course after another to get their healthcare. Doctors who are not even licensed in California operate through an outsourced company called Maximus which has anonymous doctors giving determination about whether workers are able to get their healthcare needs met.

On this day we will commemorate those workers killed on the job and those workers and their families who are fighting for healthcare and justice on the job.

Initial Speakers:

Brenda Barros, SEIU 1021 SF Cope Chair and SF General Hospital Worker
Dr. Larry Rose, Past Medical Director Cal-OSHA
Sean Gillis, IFPTE 21 Oakland Unit M
Brian Carrasso, Injured worker at Clark Pest Control
George Figuerero ATU 1555 BART 2014 Strike Coordinator

Sponsored by Injured Workers National Network

California Coalition For Workers Memorial Day

http ://

For information contact (415)282-1908

Watchdog Group: Cal/OSHA’s Staff Level Has Fallen Below Minimum Standard for Federal Funding

Workplace Bullying Takes Its Toll-Mistreatment at city departments costs San Francisco millions


Monday & Tuesday, April 28-29: Veterans Unite Against Drones
sponsored by Sacramento Veterans for Peace
contact Barry Binks,



May 1, 2014, Wednesday – 24th & Mission (San Francisco )
May 1, 2014, Wednesday, 3:00pm– International Worker’s Day March – (Fruitvale area in Oakland)

Check Occupy Oakland website.

From 99Rise : May 3 – May 4 – 5/4 10am – 6pm
At Global Exchange 2017 Mission St, SF (just across the street from 16th St. BART)

This free, intensive 2 day training will give you the entire “DNA” of 99Rise – everything that makes this movement tick – so that by the end of the weekend, you’ll have received the full set of theoretical, strategic, relational, and communications tools needed to become a 99Rise leader, form an independent team, and spread the DNA in your community. Do the training, be the movement.

The training will include:
*The basic dynamics of nonviolent conflict and civil resistance.
*How to share your story to mobilize supporters and build community.
*The grand strategy and principles of 99Rise.
*Organizing 101 and effective action planning.

Facebook event link here

May 3 “Share the Bulb” Dog Show / Potluck picnic 10:00 am – All Day (510) 541-3835

Occupy Forum in Berkeley . . . Nomi Prins: “All the Presidents’ Bankers” on Monday, April 21 (click on icon to enlarge)

Nomi Prince

The relationship between Washington and Wall Street isn’t really a revolving door. It’s a merry-go-round. As Prins shows, the merriest of all are the bankers and financiers that get rich off the relationship, using their public offices and access to build private wealth and power. Nomi Prins follows the money. She used to work on Wall Street. And now she has written a seminal history of America’s bankers and their symbiotic relationship with all the presidents from Teddy Roosevelt through Barack Obama. Prins is a born story-teller. She turns the history of the moneyed class into a breathless romance—the tawdry affairs of bankers and the presidents who love them.

Nomi Prins is an American author, journalist, and Senior Fellow at Demos. She has worked as a director at Goldman-Sachs and as an analyst at Bear Stearns. 

Monday, April 21, 7:30 pm
The Hillside Club
2286 Cedar Street, Berkeley, CA
$12 advance tickets: :: 800-838-3006 or Pegasus Books (3 locations), Moe’s, Walden Pond, Diesel a Bookstore, Mrs. Dalloway’s Books, SF – Modern Times
$15 /door