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Action Council Events — May 30 to June 6

All are welcome to help plan for creative actions around the U.S. Mayors Conference

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Sunday, May 31, 2015

2:00pm – 4:00pm 

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 “Listen Up Mayors!”

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Coming to San Francisco

The 83rd Annual Conference of Mayors

June 19th – June 22nd

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Saturday, May 30

M 30, Saturday, 10:00am – 1:00pm,Housing Rights & Union Fights: Workshop On Saving Our Members’ Homes

Local 2
209 Golden Gate Ave

Evictions, foreclosures, unaffordable rents and long commutes — the housing crisis is harming our union members, our union power and our political power. What can we do about it?

Join Jobs with Justice SF and other union members from across the Bay to learn ways to fight back and to get tools and resources (for tenants and homeowners regionally) you can use and share with your co-workers. Let’s take back our workplaces and our communities and build cities that work for all of us.

Light lunch served. RSVP for Spanish and Chinese interpretation.

Co-sponsored by Housing Rights Committee, Tenants Together, ACCE, UESF and the San Francisco Labor Council

Info / RSVP:

M 30, Saturday, 11:00am – 12:30pm- FREE OSCAR LOPEZ –RIVERA; Stand in Solidarity with Thousands from NY to Puerto Rico

Lake Merritt Oakland Library Branch (at the Pillars by the lake)

34 years behind bars for his commitment to the independence of Puerto Rico.

Info: Haiti Action Committee

M 30, Saturday, 12 Noon, Stop Sprouts From Paving Rare, Historic, Public Farmland (the Gill Tract)

PEETS Coffee
5095 Telegraph Ave.

DEFEND THE GILL TRACT! Join us on May 30th, for another Boycott Sprouts campaign action! Let’s make sure they get the message that we don’t want them building a big box Supermarket on OUR public farmland in Albany, CA.

Meet up to coordinate rides and logistics at 12 Noon at Peets Coffee in North Oakland (5095 Telegraph Ave). Please be on time. There will be rides for those that need them!

Sponsor: Occupy the Farm

Info / RSVP:


Harvey Milk Plaza


A recent report by the San Francisco Anti-Displacement Coalition, based on data from the Rent Board, shows that the number of evictions in San Francisco has steadily increased over the past 5 years – in all, a 54.7% increase in evictions. Equally striking, DISTRICT 8 HAS THE SECOND-HIGHEST RATE OF EVICTIONS OF ANY DISTRICT IN SAN FRANCISCO.

The Harvey Milk LGBT Democratic Club and its allies demand that the leadership in District 8 support housing affordability and anti-eviction measures now pending or introduced before the Board of Supervisors.


Sponsor: Harvey Milk LGBT Democratic Club

Info / RSVP:

M 30, Saturday, 3:00pm, “How to Use Solar Homes to Shut Down Diablo Canyon

The Redstone Building
2940 16th Street, 3rd Floor, Room 302

Linda Seeley & Harvey Wasserman will be speaking

Sponsored by Abalone Alliance & Solar Justice Institute.
Info: dr8kangas [at] 415-368-8581

M 30, Saturday, 7:00pm, Displacement and Police Terror: From San Francisco to Oakland

Station 40
3030B 16th St (nr. Mission St. across from BART)

(Not Wheelchair Accessible) – 1 flight of stairs

Speakers: James Tracey, Linda Grant, Rachel Jackson

Join us to hear James Tracey, author of the new book, “Dispatches Against Displacement” discuss how this reality is shaped by a system that wants to crush and silence the poor. From Oakland, community organizersLinda Grant from the Qilombo community center will talk about how these issues are playing out in Oakland, andRachel Jackson will talk about how the drug war fuels these racist policies.

Across the Bay Area, rents rise and everyday people find themselves evicted and displaced from their homes. As the tech industry grows in power, many of us find ourselves struggling more to survive and pushed out. At the same time, brutal police forces shoot our friends and neighbors dead in the street with impunity.

More than just a discussion on what’s wrong, the speakers will also talk about how regular people are getting organized in their neighborhoods and fighting back.

Sponsor: Fireworks

Info / RSVP:

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Coming to San Francisco: The 83rd Annual Conference of Mayors June 19th – June 22nd

Listen UP Mayors's photo.
Listen UP Mayors's photo.
Listen UP Mayors's photo.
Listen UP Mayors's photo.

Listen UP Mayors:

May 27, 2015

Coming to San Francisco
The 83rd Annual Conference of Mayors
June 19th – June 22nd

San Francisco’s Mayor Ed Lee is hosting the 83rd Annual Conference of Mayors. Around 250 Mayors, their families and corporate sponsors will be in attendance.

This is an opportunity to raise issues Locally and Nationally, that are of concern to us, The People, that the mayors have resisted and refused to act upon, or have acted on against our interest. For Instance:

“Black Lives Matter” ~ Police Militarization and Excessive Use of Force ~ Racism ~ Gentrification of our Communities ~ Homelessness ~ Privatization of our Commons ~ Homophobia and Trans-phobia ~ Immigration ~ the Environment ~ Corporate Greed ~ the People’s taxes being spent on wars enriching the 1% and not serving the needs of the people and more.

–Mike Zint

From ‘Occupying’ A Spanish Bank To City Hall: Barcelona’s New Mayor (via


Ada Colau (center), leader of the Barcelona en Comú party, celebrates in Barcelona during a press conference following the results in Spain’s municipal and regional elections on May 24. She is the first member of Spain’sindignados protest movement to win public office.

One of the most-tweeted photos in Spain these days shows riot police hauling away Ada Colau. The image is from July 2013, when the anti-poverty protester was trying to “occupy” a Barcelona bank that was foreclosing on homes.

The caption added by Twitter users: “Welcome, new mayor.”

Colau is the first of the indignados, or angry ones — Spain’s Occupy movement — to win office. She narrowly defeated Barcelona Mayor Xavier Trias in local elections Sunday.

Cheers of “Sí se puede!” — “Yes we can!” — went up through the crowd at Colau’s campaign headquarters in Barcelona overnight, when vote tallies showed she had won.

“This is a victory of David over Goliath,” Colau told supporters, beaming.

The 41-year-old made her name fighting foreclosures during Spain’s economic crisis — by physically trying to block police from serving eviction notices at people’s homes. She’s been detained by police dozens of times. She has never previously held public office.

Two years ago, she testified before parliament at a hearing about Spain’s foreclosures crisis. On the panel, Colau spoke right after a representative of Spain’s banking industry.

“This man is a criminal and he should be treated like one,” she said at the time, her voice shaking with rage.

Lawmakers’ jaws dropped. Colau got a reprimand from parliament, but her speech endeared her to millions of Spaniards hurt by layoffs and austerity.

“Our politicians prioritized rescuing Spanish banks, over rescuing Spanish citizens,” Colau told NPR in a recent interview, reflecting on that February 2013 parliamentary hearing that catapulted her to fame. Video of her rant went viral on Spanish TV and social media.

“I wanted people to wake up and realize that we delegated our democracy to those who drove us to ruin, both economically and politically,” Colau says. “Calling him a criminal was the least I could do.”

In 2009, Colau founded Spain’s Platform for People Affected by Mortgages (PAH), a group that works to help borrowers remain in their homes, while struggling to keep up with mortgage payments. Colau served as the group’s spokeswoman until last year, when she stepped down to enter politics. In 2013, the European Parliament awarded Colau and the PAH the prestigious European Citizens’ Prize for “fighting for European values.”

Colau now heads a local Barcelona political faction called Barcelona en Comú — Barcelona in Common, in the local Catalan language — through which she ran for mayor, and won. Her local party is affiliated with Spain’s left-wing anti-austerity party Podemos, or “We Can,” in Spanish.

In local elections across Spain on Sunday, grassroots activists like Colau broke the monopoly of Spain’s two main parties, the Socialists and the ruling conservative Popular Party, which have ruled the country for decades.

“She’s transparent, she’s honest, she speaks the language of the people — and she has managed to touch what Barcelona was feeling,” says Antonio Roldan, a Spain analyst at the Eurasia Group in London. “The Popular Party had absolute majorities in almost regions and now they have none. So it’s a new period of cleaning up the corrupt establishment in some of these municipalities that have been for many years dominated by the two big parties.”

Podemos is led by Pablo Iglesias, a 36-year-old political science professor with a ponytail. He campaigned for Colau in Barcelona.

“We’re not like other politicians supported by the banks. Our creditors are the people,” Iglesias said at a recent rally, with Colau beside him.

Grass-roots activists like Iglesias and Colau hope these local election victories will lead to national ones in parliamentary polls later this year.

US Postal Inspection Service: “Remove the encampment from the Downtown Berkeley Post Office” (via Mike Zint)

US Postal Inspection Service: Remove the encampment from the Downtown Berkeley Post Office

This is their petition:

The encampment outside the Downtown Berkeley Post Office needs to be removed and the space made usable to patrons of the facility.  The sidewalk is obstructed and the bicycle rack has been made inaccessible by this small band of individuals.

The encampment started nearly two years ago, around the time of some protests over the proposed sale of the facility.  There has been at least one episode of criminal violence in the encampment and the atmosphere is generally unpleasant and unsafe.

The sale of the Post Office has been taken off the table, but the encampment remains and should be removed.  The campers have adopted a kaleidoscope of issues to justify their presence and it is clear that their real objective is to remain in place under whatever pretense.  They have even begun gardening around the foundations of the building.

Please work with Berkeley’s Police Department (or not, as you deem fit) and respectfully, but decisively remove the encampment once and for all.

Thank you for your attention to this matter,

Residents and Visitors of Berkeley, CA