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“Allure” the movie trailer

Several women — independent, strong-willed, beautiful — try to hold on in the world of shifting influences that is New York City. Each struggles to overcome her personal conflicts, against the backdrop of greater political struggles and the global Occupy Movements.

Over the last two decades, filmmaker and New School Professor Vladan Nikolic has depicted the collision of immigrants and Americans in New York City in extraordinary, whirling multi-strand narratives that are among the unknown treasures of the city. LOVE was a gritty and virtuosic contemporary gangster-like story; ZENITH — which Nikolic directed as “Anonymous” — was a mind-boggling science fiction; ALLURE is a sort of factual-based melodrama. The Los Angeles Times called Nikolic a “visionary writer-director,” while the New York Times named LOVE an “elegantly directed” critic’s pick, and the Village Voice exclaimed “… LOVE gives you hope for the future of independent movies, particularly because Nikolic is also a professor of film at the New School.” Having become something of a “filmmaker’s filmmaker,” Nikolic is well ripe for discovery by others.

watch full film: http://smarturl.it/AllureTheFilm
watch full film: http://allurethefilm.com

Sensible Cinema: “Faith Against Fracking” and “Backyard” on Friday, July 31

Sensible Cinema
Sponsored by UU-UNO & Green Committee
Friday, July 31, 6:30pm, Unitarian Universalist Center
1187 Franklin Street @ Geary Boulevard
Our first evening of the
5th Annual Green Reel Festival
Featuring two short films:
1.    Faith Against Fracking
Faith Against Fracking is an inspirational documentary featuring leaders from across the state and across traditions calling on Governor Brown a person of faith to put a moratorium on fracking and other extreme methods of fossil fuel extractions.   (15 min)
2.           Backyard
Backyard is a documentary film about fracking and its effects on five people’s lives…produced and directed by Deia Schlosberg.  Following stories in Pennsylvania, Colorado, North Dakota and Montana, an eerie similarity emerges amongst them, despite the vast differences in geography and personal histories. Animated interludes remind us to step back and consider the bigger picture.  (28 min)
An engaging discussion of both films and information on the Faith Against Fracking Campaign with David Braun from Californians Against Fracking  and Jessica Wohlander, the producer of Faith Against Fracking, will follow the   screening.
                                                      As usual, popcorn and other refreshments will also be available.
(Free Admission, donations appreciated)
For more information please contact:
 Larry Danos (415-722-6480) or Melvin Starks ( mcs104@hotmail.com )

“The Yes Men Fix the World” (via youtube.com)

This documentary features the politically engaged con artists known as the Yes Men, who stage elaborate hoaxes to expose corporate malfeasance using guerrilla tactics. Among the stunts are promises to pay restitution to local citizens while impersonating executives from corporations like Dow — whose explosion contaminated an Indian village — and BP. They also pose as representatives from Haliburton and introduce the SurvivaBall, an inflatable orb designed to withstand catastrophe.
Release date: October 7, 2009 (USA)

Also: “The Yes Men Are Revolting – This Time It’s Personal” – See more at: http://www.occupy.com/article/yes-men-are-revolting-%E2%80%93-time-its-personal?utm_source=Website+%27Join+Us%27&utm_campaign=83c6dc85e7-RSS_EMAIL_CAMPAIGN&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_77fe4a462d-83c6dc85e7-73720709#sthash.GSxSeOvx.dpuf