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OccupyForum presents . . . “All Power to the People: The Black Panther Party and Beyond,” a documentary film by Lee Lou Lee on racism, the Panthers, and the Indigenous Peoples’ Movement (on Monday, August 24)

Monday, August 24th from 6 – 9 pm at Global Exchange
2017 Mission Street near the 16th Street BART station

Information, discussion & community! Monday Night Forum!!

Occupy Forum is an opportunity for open and respectful dialogue

on all sides of these critically important issues!

OccupyForum presents…

All Power to the People:

 The Black Panther Party and Beyond

A documentary film by Lee Lou Lee on racism,

the Panthers, and the Indigenous Peoples’ Movement

 All Power to the People! examines problems of race, poverty, dissent, and the universal conflict of the haves versus the have nots. U.S. government documents, rare news clips, and interviews with both ex-activists and former FBI/CIA officers provide deep insight into the bloody conflict between political dissent and governmental authority in the U.S. of the 60s and 70s.

Working as a TV cameraman during the 1992 L.A. riots, Lee Lew-Lee became curious about the history of American race relations and the Black Panther Party (founded in Oakland in 1967). His research led to All Power to the People. The film combines archival footage with interviews — from ex-CIA officer Philip Agee, journalist/filmmaker Gordon Parks, and former FBI Special Agent Wesley Swearingen — to various Panthers and political radicals. The film covers slavery, civil-rights activists and assassinations in the ’60s, and it explores methods used by police, the FBI, and the CIA to divide and destroy the key figures in the Black Panther Party. The film extends beyond the Panther history to more recent times, covering Reagan-Era events, privacy threats from new technologies, and the failure of the War Against Drugs.

Globally acclaimed as being the most accurate depiction of the goals, aspirations, and ultimate repression of the U.S. Civil Rights Movement, All Power to the People! is a gripping, timeless news documentary.

Time will be allotted for Q&A, discussion and announcements.

Donations to Occupy Forum to cover costs are encouraged; no one turned away!

Action Council Events — August 20 to September 6


~ Action Council ~  

Next Meeting –  September 6th





Thursday, August 20

A 20, Thursday, 11:00am, National Campaign to Uphold Congressional Ban on Export of Crude Oil!

SF Federal Building
7th & Mission Streets

In response to the oil industry effort to lobby Congress to lift the decades-old ban on shipping crude oil abroad, environmental justice, community, faith and environmental groups are uniting to launch a national campaign to uphold the congressional ban.

A 20, Thursday, 12 Noon – 1:00pm,  Justice for Richard Linyard – Press Conference & Rally

Oakland City Hall (Front steps)

Statement of the Family of Richard Linyard:

We are the family of Richard Linyard, 23. We find the death of our son on July 19, at the hands of the OPD to be unacceptable.

Following the press conference we will move forward with rallying in front of OPD to demand Justice for Richard aka Afrikan Richie as well as request that his belongings be returned to his mother.

Info: (Stop Mass Incarceration post)

Info:  (Justice 4 Richard Linyard, AKA Afrikan Richie ! )

A 20, Thursday, 12:15pm, Press Conference & Rally – We the People v Big Telecom. (re: Cell phones)

450 Golden Gate Ave.

12:15pm Press Conf. & Rally
1:30pm – 17th Floor, Courtroom 5, Judge Chen

​After years of being lobbied, the Berkeley City Council unanimously passed the Cell Phone Right to Know Ordinance.  The Big Telecom trade group (CTIA) slapped the city with a lawsuit claiming that our intention to have cell phone vendors give purchasers a flyer violates the cell phone companies’ constitutional 1st amendment “right” to free speech, by compelling them to reveal info they want to hide in fine print.  It is already required by the FCC that phone owners manuals advise to not hold a cell phone next to body nor head for very long, but few people know.   

A 20, Thursday, 5:00pm – 7:00pm Tell Congress to #Vote4Peace San Francisco

16 Market St.
(situated in the Justin Herman Plaza where the Art Market begins on the corner of Market St and Steuart St.

week of August 16th, #IranDeal supporters are rallying all across the country to collect petition signatures and pass out cards with the famous poem ‘Ban’i Adam’ by the Persian poet Sa’adi. The Bay Area Chapter of NIAC plans to hold their Day of Action on Thursday.


A 20, Thursday, 5:30pm, Codepink – Urban Shield Discussion

Peet’s Coffee Shop
9895 San Pablo Ave,
El Cerrito, CA 94530

(walkable from El Cerrito Plaza BART station, and on the 72 San Pablo bus line)

Discussion of Code Pink’s approach to participating in the 2015 Stop Urban Shield coalition.

Urban Shield will take place Sept 11 thru 14 in Pleasanton CA at the Double Tree Hotel and Alameda County Fairgrounds.

FB for Stop Urban Shield: Stop Urban Shield

Web for Urban Shield:

Info for Thurs. Meeting:

Friday, August 21

A 21, Friday – A 23, Sunday, Noon – 10:00pm each day,  Black August Resistance @Qilombo

2313 San Pablo Ave.

“… since 1979, the month of August to focus on the oppressive treatment of our brothers and sisters disappeared inside the state run gulags and concentration camps America calls prisons. It is during this time that we concentrate our efforts to free our mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, uncles, aunts, and all other captive family and friends who have been held in isolation for decade after decade beyond their original sentence. Many of these individuals are held in the sensory deprivation and mind control units called Security Housing Units (S.H.U. Program), without even the most basic of human rights.”

The conference will have political speakers, cultural solidarity performances and workshops around resisting the Prison Industrial Complex and promoting Women’s health.

More Info / RSVP:  ;     510-338-7933

A 21, Friday Noon – A 23,  Sunday, 8:00pm,  Knowland Park Defence Fest and Campout! – Bands – Workshops – Films – and more!

Knowland Park
Cameron Ave. & Malcolm Ave.

Resist a development that would cut down 400+ trees including a 600 year old Oak tree. Weekend of fun and Direct Action to stop the Oakland Zoo! For more info about the campaign go to:


A 21, Friday, 6:00pm – 8:00pm, Mission Night Walks

Meet: Grace Fellowship
3265 16th St.

Mission faith communities saying “We care,” and “Stop the violence.” Faith communities in the Mission District walk the streets in the neighborhood where violence has occurred, along the way they listen to stories of families, friends who have had loved ones killed.


A 21, Friday, 6:30pm – 8:30pm, Sensible Cinema Film: Who Bombed Judi Bari?

Unitarian Universalist Center
1187 Franklin Street/Geary Blvd.
San Francisco

The film is produced by Daryl Cherney , examines the extensively reported events surrounding the 1990 car bombing in which he and Judi were both injured.

A post screening discussion will feature Atty. Ben Rosenfeld a member of the legal team in Ms. Bari’s lawsuit against the FBI and Oakland Police Department.


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“Save Our Berkeley Public Library Books!” (


The new library director has rampantly and irresponsibly tossed way too many books out the back door, solely based on circulation statistics!*

For weeks, the Director has said only 2274 items have been deleted. Recently exposed documents show the actual number to be 39,140. Of the total 39,140 deleted items, 13,580 are unique or “last copies” now gone forever.

*anything that has not circulated in 3 years must go, 2 years for Large Print, 7 years for Art & Music materials.

Agenda: Library Director performance evaluation
Public Comment followed by CLOSED SESSION
Central Library Community Room, Kittredge & Shattuck
IMPORTANT: Meet at 5:30pm on front steps!!!
Details/Directions >

What You Can Do

1) Sign the Petition

2) Contact ALL FIVE members of Board of Library Trustees:

It is essential that you cc!

Tell them to:

  1. Please put on Agenda for Sept 9th Meeting: Report on Collection Development as Researched by Members of the Public
  2. Announce and implement a moratorium on rampant weeding
  3. Reassess a collection development process to include actual input by all 34 professional librarians, not just two managers and four helpers

3) Contact City Officials

Contact the Board of Library Trustees and tell them to Save Our Books: Weed Responsibly – Stop the Rampant Weeding

Copy and paste ALL email addresses here:,,,,,,,,,

“Let us put humanity first! says formerly homeless woman” (

Protesters at a march and rally against a proposed law that would criminalize homeless people in Berkeley, CA. PHOTO/SARAH MENEFEE

Editor’s note: This is a talk given by Julianna Cheng at the release event for the Coalition of Homeless study titled, “Punishing the Poorest.”

SAN FRANCISCO, CA — I have been homeless for the past three years, just moving out of homelessness recently. I’m here to talk to you about my personal experiences with homelessness here in San Francisco.

Being homeless is a constant struggle. I slept in the streets, in BART stations, the Embarcadero, in Golden Gate Park. You are constantly shuffled around and banned from public spaces. Laws are enforced against us, like the sit/lie law, which has been condemned by the United Nations. I myself have been arrested for ‘attempt to sleep’. They took all my belongings, under 647-e, which says that any structure used for camping or ‘lodging’ can be confiscated, including a blanket, a sleeping bag or even cardboard! The police take gear that you need to keep warm, and it isn’t returned to you, it’s kept as ‘evidence’ and destroyed, and you’re back out on the street in the middle of the night, in the cold.

Sleep was a constant issue, finding a place to sleep, having time to sleep without being harassed. Sleep deprivation is a form of torture. The DPW (Department of Public Works) constantly sprayed the streets with chemicals that make you sick. I was pregnant at the time, and another young woman I knew miscarried soon after a spraying. People with emphysema, asthma and other breathing issues got severely sick each time they sprayed. I’ve seen people kicked awake by the police in the morning. The lack of space, of privacy in our personal lives, the lack of toilets, is a huge issue.

People are denied access to food, shelter and the necessities of survival in San Francisco, where there truly is plenty of resources. Think how many houses are empty while people are on the streets. The criminalization of homelessness is on the rise.

I am currently living in the Tenderloin and I observe police interactions daily. Most of the time it’s citations and harassment of people who are just trying to survive.  When I walk down the street I hear people, tourists, saying: “Such blatant inequality!  To have this glitzy shopping area just one or two blocks away from people living in such poverty, it’s uncivilized.” Gentrification and evictions are pushing out working-class families, especially people of color, and also artists and poets and musicians. Everything that makes San Francisco great is being forced out. These things are creating more poverty and homelessness. They are turning the city into a playground for the rich and elite.

The 83rd Annual Conference of Mayors is this weekend. Let’s go there and tell our mayor:  We do not want to fund and build a new jail! We do not want more police on our streets. We want more truly affordable housing to help end homelessness, and an end to all the evictions.

It is time for us to take back the city and put people over profit.  Let us put humanity first!

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