News from Strike Debt — Saturday, March 29

At noon on Saturday, March 29th, Laura Wells, candidate for California State Controller, endorsed by the Green Party of California, will speak on the issue of public banking. She will be followed by comments on recent happenings around the possibility of Post Office banking and financial services, updates on where things stand with the (possibly imminent) sale of the Berkeley Post Office, the campaign against the outsourcing of Post Office jobs to Staples, music, letter-writing and more.

Sat, March 29th. downtown Berkeley Post Office.


The first item in Wells’ platform is Implement a Publicly-Owned State Bank for California.
Determine the best option or options for a successful implementation of a State Bank, and get started on it. Day one.

Come eat at the Farmer’s Market a block away, join us, get caught up, and enjoy a beautiful Spring day in Berkeley.

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