Occupy Forum & Code Pink Drone Protest at Sen. Feinstein’s House Sunday

Apologies for the last minute notice, again – everyday operations have been difficult since SFPD confiscated and, subsequently, “lost” all of our media equipment. Anyway, OccupySF received the following request for assistance from Code Pink, a long time allay of OccupySF:

John Stewart 4 Code Pink "We Want The Memos"

John Stewart 4 Code Pink “We Want The Memos”


Code Pink is in action AT DIANE FEINSTEIN’S house tomorrow to demand that she not go ahead with confirmation of John Brennan as Secretary of Defense until she obtains the DOJ drone memos that reveal his involvement with U.S. drone murder policy. We are telling her that, as her constituents, we are WATCHING her and demanding that she insist on getting the memos or NO CONFIRMATION. We believe that Feinstein is in the Bay Area, and that she will know we’re out there. We’ll have banners, signs, drums, flutes, good energy, videographers and photographers, and hopefully the news media.

Could everyone please forward this action information asap to occupy, peace and justice, and other groups you have contacts for? Thank you so much.

When: Sunday, March 3, 10 am -12 noon
Where: Diane Feinstein’s mansion, Pacific Heights, 2460 Lyon @ Vallejo St.
What: Stand with Code Pink to demand– No Drone Memos, No Brennan Confirmation!
Stop the killbots!

We’re also asking Feinstein to hold hearings on the U.S. drone program, and to stop the killing by drone of civilians, both U.S. and all others. No one should have to live in fear of death from U.S. drones in the skies above. We want the wars, all illegal, to end too of course. Come out and demand that your senator listen to her constituents and stop the bleeding and injustice NOW.

Cynthia Papermaster, Berkeley, CA, 510-333-6097


and Occupy Forum continues as scheduled


Occupy Forum with CODEPINK

Monday, March 4th,  6 – 9 pm

at Global Exchange

Occupy Forum continues at Global Exchange 2017 Mission Street, 2nd floor

Information, discussion & community! Monday Night Forum!!

DRONES: Killing by Remote Control

Liquidating human beings at the touch of a button?  Surveillance from the skies? Sound like science fiction? With names like “Predator”, “Reaper”, and “Global Hawk”, drones extinguish human life, and frequently by mistake: civilians including children and babies have been blown to bits in Pakistan and Afghanistan, and drones could be used here at home to hunt down fugitives in a nightmare scenario. Drones are powerful surveillance tools, capable of carrying face recognition systems, license plate scanners, thermal imaging, open WiFi “sniffers” and other sensors. As the result of a lawsuit, the FAA released for the first time a list of the names of all public and private entities applying for authorizations to fly drones domestically. The Department of Homeland Security, The FBI, the Department of Defense, local law enforcement, businesses and private individuals are all hungry to use, or are already using, the technology. Combined with mobile phone tracking and drone video signals — and scarce legal privacy protections in the U.S.– drones will make our historical worst case scenarios look like a Sunday picnic. On what basis are targets selected? Why does Obama use the drone as his weapon of choice?  Who is paying for all of this? We the Taxpayers? Who is behind it? How can we make it stop???

Nancy L. Mancias is a campaign organizer for CODEPINK. An anti-war, gay and women’s rights advocate, Mancias has been actively trying to bring the troops home from their overseas misadventures and waging peace and equality across the country. She has also been part of the movement against torture and a proponent of closing the prison in Guantánamo. Like many in the anti-war movement, Mancias views her work against drone warfare as a natural extension of her peace efforts. She is a contributing writer to Beautiful Trouble: A toolbox for revolution, a book that puts the accumulated wisdom of decades of creative protest into the hands of the next generation of change-makers.

CODEPINK organizer Mancias will explain who is behind this horrific idea, how it’s been normalized, and paid for by us, the Taxpayers, and tell us about CODEPINK’s multi-pronged campaign to stop drones

before they fill our skies.

Time will be allotted for Q&A and discussion. Monday 6:00 to 9:00 pm.

Global Exchange 2017 Mission Street 2nd floor (#200 on keypad) near Mission and 16th BART.

Donations to OccupyForum to cover our costs are encouraged; no one turned away!

Watch the video at http://youtu.be/vm2kVGyeoX0

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