Occupy Forum Presents “Outing the Oligarchy Part II” with Victor Menotti

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Outing the Oligarchy Part II

With Victor Menotti

from the International Forum on Globalization


What does it take to get millions into the streets? Last time, we began to discuss “unifiers” – What is the commonality uniting and mobilizing the movement? Ideas from “reclaiming our democracy” to “compassion and love for our brothers and sisters” to “fighting for the planet” and more are on the table as we consider the mandate to organize at this crucial time.


IFG will share its experiences about organizing resistance to the World Trade Organization’s 1999 Seattle summit, where peaceful protesters on the streets prevented ministers from meeting, and poor countries in the negotiating suites stood up to rich countries to stop the WTO’s expansion of rights for global corporations. Seattle saw a cross-border, cross-constituency coalition emerge that had systemic critiques of corporate power at its core, much like Occupy. IFG and others will explain who were some of the key actors, what issues mobilized so many of their members into the streets, how did non-organizations relate to these efforts, and what lessons can be learned for today’s political moment and urgent needs for organizing opposition and advancing alternatives to today’s global economic system.


We will also further examine the Koch brothers’ web of influence as a case study of how oligarchic power is organized. What are the weak links where we can insert ourselves? There are 16 Billionaires in San Francisco. We will turn our focus to using this idea to galvanize the movement.


Time will be allotted for Q&A, discussion and announcements.

Tonight, we will save time to talk about affinity groups for upcoming actions.

Donations to OccupyForum to cover costs are encouraged; no one turned away!

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