Help Scott Olsen Prosecute Oakland Police Brutality

From Scott,

What happen?

I was shot in the head with a “less-lethal” round by Officer Robert Roche of the Oakland Police Department. He proceeded to throw a grenade at me and the folks who came to my rescue.

I am a Marine veteran who deployed to Iraq twice. After being used to liberate Iraqi oil fields instead of Iraqi people, I found it important to share the truth about our military which led me into participating in the Occupy demonstrations.

On October 25, 2011 after Occupy Oakland was violently removed from Oscar Grant Plaza, I joined the demonstration, standing up for my community’s right to assemble. The Oakland Police started to use tear gas and other weapons against us. I was shot in the head by a drag-stabilized bean bag round which put me in the hospital for two and a half weeks, requiring neuro-surgery.
What We Need & What You Get

As the way our justice system works, I need to hire doctors who can testify as to the damage that was done to me by the Oakland Police Department. These doctors charge a lot of money, but they are key witnesses in order to have a successful lawsuit.

Any money left over after will be put towards a campaign to pressure the DA to press criminal charges against an officer who commited an obviously criminal act. Expenses for this can include: message development, banners, awareness events, website.

Aside from my gratefulness, I can offer shout-outs, hand made cards or art, a dinner date or home-cooked meal (I promise I’m a good cook).
The Impact

Oakland Police Department has a long, violent history, full of cases of brutality for which officers are rarely punished. Unfortunately, one of the only ways to force the city to change its policy and start holding officers accountable is to make them pay.

Imagine if you shot someone in the head. And your only punishment was that you lost your job. Sound silly? If you work for the Oakland Police Department, that is probably the most that will happen. I want to make it known that violent acts against citizens will not go unpunished, especially for those who wear a blue costume to work.
Other Ways You Can Help

If you don’t have any money to give, you can help me if you:

Tell your friends about this campaign, on the street or on the internets.
Watch the cops!
Send all the bitcoins to 16Rn2BSpqkuczMedh9bMasP6V2iHT2V1xN if you leave a twitter handle in the comments I will contact you to arrange for an equivalent reward

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