#BlockTheBoat Inspired #StopZIMOak Action Targets Zim Ship on 9/27 in Oakland

End the Siege of Gaza! Picket the Zim Shanghai

September 27!



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Israel and Hamas agreed to a set of conditions for a ceasefire on August 26th, after Israel had killed more than 2,100 Palestinians in Gaza – the majority civilians, more than a quarter of them children – and destroyed much of Gaza’s infrastructure, housing, hospitals and schools.

Israel claims it does not “occupy” Gaza, however it has complete control of Gaza’s land crossings, seacoast and air space and severely restricts the movement of people and the amount of food, medical supplies, and construction materials.

In 1984, in protest against South African Apartheid, the Bay Area longshore workers union, ILWU Local 10, went on strike for 11 days against the Nedlloyd Kimberly, a ship carrying South African cargo. In 2010, in response to the deadly Israeli attack on the Gaza Freedom Flotilla, Local 10 honored a picket by 1,200 community and labor activists of an Israeli-owned ZIM ship, refusing to unload the ship for 24 hours. And in August 2014, in a historic victory, community and labor activists blocked the Zim Piraeus from loading and completely unloading for five days, until it left the Bay.

We ask the ILWU to carry on its long historical tradition of opposing injustice and honoring community picket lines. Let’s keep the pressure on and continue this tradition of labor blockades against imperialist war and genocide.

Please come to a sustained community and labor activist picket beginning on September 27th to stop the Zim Shanghai from loading or unloading any cargo, from when it arrives in Oakland until it leaves. This will also send a message to stevedoring companies such as SSA who are pushing for concessions right now against longshore workers who are working without a contract.

Picket Lines Mean Don’t Cross!

An Injury to One is an Injury to All!

Solidarity with the People of Palestine!

Stop ZIM Action Committee

Take Action: Don’t Let Israel Get Away with Gaza Massacre

     Today is the fiftieth day of Israel’s attack on the Gaza Strip and it appears that a long-term ceasefire may be imminent. The devastation in Gaza is staggering. More than 2,000 Palestinians killed, at least 70 percent civilians. Nearly 500 children massacred
More than 17,000 homes damaged or destroyed and more than one-fourth of Gaza’s population, most of whom are refugees ethnically cleansed from their homes by Israel in 1948, turned into internally displaced persons.
How has the United States responded to these horrors? Secretary of State John Kerry called Israel’s actions “appropriate and legitimate.” Congress voted to send more money for weapons to Israel and passed resolutions backing it. And the Obama administration delivered more jet fuel, more artillery and more grenade rounds.Today we’re launching this campaign with member groups American Muslims for Palestine and Code Pink: Women for Peace, along with our friends at Roots Action.
Help us generate 25,000 signatures calling on the Obama administration to end military aid and weapons transfers to Israel. To stop blocking international efforts to hold Israel accountable for its war crimes. To end Israel’s blockade, its military occupation, and its apartheid policies toward Palestinians. 
Please take a minute right now to sign this petition.
Help us reach our goal of 25,000 signatures so that we can deliver this message loudly and clearly.

#BlockTheBoat Update: Solidarity with #Ferguson March and #BlockTheBoat Afterparty Celebration

blockboat8-21-14 5:30PM: Zim Piraeus is underway for Russia. Temporary lull in blockade. Celebrate the historic victory! Another Zim ship expected on Saturday. Stay tuned.

8-20-14 3:30PM: Solidarity with #Ferguson March and #BlockTheBoat Afterparty/ continuation of Blockade!  http://pastebin.com/1R43yWf8 announced with more calls for people to hold up picket lines at Berth 22 at 6:30PM & 10:30PM. Stop State Sponsored Oppression.

8-20-14 1:00PM: Zim ship only unloaded 2% of it’s cargo and is anchored in the SF Bay with destination still being Oakland. More people needed to hold up picket lines at three entrances to Bert 22 at 6:30PM for shift change and 10:30PM for lunch breaks then, again, at 6:30AM tomorrow. Food and drinks gratefully appreciated.

8-19-14 9:11PM: Ports America, inc. reportedly brought in crew from other berth while scheduled crew honored the picket line. More people needed for three gates starting at 10:30PM-11:00PM for crew’s lunch break and 6:300AM for morning shift at Berth 22. Ship reportedly has DAYS worth of unloading to do. This isn’t over yet not by a longshore.

8-19-14 9:00PM: Zim ship confirmed to be moored at Berth 22-26. Longshoremen reportedly have not crossed the picket line at this time. Still need people, food and drinks.

8-19-14 7:00PM: CONFIRMED Zim boat is RETURNING to Oakland Port and expected to arrive at Berth 22-26! We can’t let them outmaneuver us.

8-19-14 5:00PM: Zim ship has passed the Golden Gate Bridge on it’s way to LA to attempt to unload. URGENT call to LA activists to set up picket line at LA Port.

8-19-14 3:45PM: Unconfirmed reports that ship is heading to Berth 22 in Oakland. Some are heading to Berth 22 to prepare…we will know for sure within an hour or so.

8-19-14 3:30PM: CONFIRMED Zim Piraeus is underway and heading to Los Angeles. Mobilizing to LA ASAP! Stay tuned, we’re making history!

8-19-14 2:45PM: Unconfirmed reports that Zim boat has untied and preparing to leave port WITHOUT unloading cargo. More calls to hold up picket line at 6:300PM Oakland Port Berth 57-59.

8-19-14 6:45AM: Morning Victory Declared as ILWU continue to honor the #BlockTheBoat picket line as Zim boat is blockaded for over 72 hours and counting. More autonomous calls to hold up the picket line at 6:30PM while organizers from Arab Resource and Organizing Center begin planning for the Sept. Oakland convention, Urban Shield, featuring numerous Israeli companies. Keep up the historic work – we are making change!

8-18-14 9:17PM: Victory declared for evening demonstration. Longshoremen workers ordered home and still getting paid! “Organizers are neither calling for, nor advising against, autonomous actions here tomorrow at 5:30 AM.” More autonomous calls to hold up picketline at 5:30AM and 5:30PM tomorrow (shifts start at 6:30AM/PM. Bring food, blankets & beverages (hot cocoa) if you can.

8-18-14 7:30PM: Overwhelming number of reports that ILWU workers are yet again honoring the #BlockTheBoat picketline and refusing to cross it. More calls to picket again at 5:30AM.

8-18-14 PM: People meeting at Oakland Port Berth 57 at 5:00PM and #ILWU parking lot by SSA 1717 Middle Harbor Rd. to setup picketline. Tomorrow’s shift said to begin at 5:30AM.

8-18-14 5AM: Small group of picketers were able to successfully block the morning shift from unloading the Zim boat. Calling for more people, food and water for the 5:30PM shift.

8-18-14 12AM: Reports of people meeting at 5AM at West Oakland BART.

8-17-14 9PM: Another Victory against oppression! With solidarity actions around the country, the outstanding quality of the ILWU workers was once again on display tonight as they honored the #BlockTheBoat picketline and refused to unload the Zim boat. The workers reportedly will enjoy a paid evening off and plans to be there in the AM are underway. Stay tuned. #BlockTheBoat

8-17-14 6:??PM: Block the boat update: The ship’s coming in at 6:30pm tonight (August 17) and the ILWU has requested our presence and said that they will not cross a picket. Spread the word: get there as soon as you can. If you can drive, park at middle harbor shoreline park, we’ll shuttle people from there and from Bart.  –Adrienne Fong

8-17-14 AM: After successfully delaying the Israeli Zim Piraeus cargo ship from docking at the Oakland Port on Saturday, the boat is now underway heading toward it’s destination.


People are meeting at West Oakland BART and Berth 57!

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The Fifth Estate v. Wikileaks: Unraveling Fact From Fiction in Hollywood’s WikiLeaks Story

Friday October 11, 5:30PM: Panel discussion:

The Fifth Estate v. Wikileaks: Unraveling Fact From Fiction in Hollywood’s WikiLeaks Story

This Friday, at Noisebridge, October 11th, 5:30PM -


>From the halls of Washington to the streets of Tunis, the names Julian
Assange and WikiLeaks have proven not only impossible to ignore, but
cataclysmic in both the worlds of politics and journalism. Now the first
major Hollywood film adaptation is about to be released, but how
accurately does it reflect reality?

Electronic Frontier Foundation legal Director Cindy Cohn, Wired Senior
Reporter Kim Zetter, Forbes senior online editor Kashmir Hill, and
Freedom of the Press Foundation co-founder Rainey Reitman will discuss
what the film gets right and wrong during a panel discussion. Each have
followed WikiLeaks closely for many years and, in fact, both EFF and
Zetter are name-checked in the film.

The panel will begin at 5:30 PM. The discussion will be filmed and
posted to the Freedom of the Press Foundation website.