Zionist Zim Delaying Arrival to Oakland Port – Picket Now on Sun 10/26 at 3:00pm

revolution-news.comAnti-apartheid activists (@14fp) in the Bay Area have been monitoring the traffic of Israel’s Zim Integrated Shipping Services Ltd. as their ship, Zim Beijing, is scheduled to arrive in the Port of Oakland on Sat., Oct. 25.

As with previous #BlockTheBoat demonstrations, Zim is employing a delay tactic in order to avoid the overwhelming community pickets that have successfully turned away Zim’s ship last month and prevented most of the unloading of another ship in Sept. during an historic four day blockade.

Currently, Zim Beijing is still way out at sea, behind schedule, not expected to reach the Port of Oakland before Monday and may not even try to berth at all :) The #BlockTheBoat community picket and demonstration of solidarity has been postponed and rescheduled for Sunday, Oct. 26 at 3:00pm at West Oakland BART. Text “join” to (510) 346-5951 to receive official updates.

LA Anti-Apartheid Activists Are Gearing Up for Day 3 of Zim Blockade



In solidarity with the Palestinian people’s call for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions against Israel’s decades long apartheid regime, LA anti-apartheid activists have been reaching out for weeks to the port workers and truck drivers who service the Port of LA and have successfully blocked the unloading/loading of Zim Savannah, an Israel cargo ship, for two straight days… and counting.

About 150 people from 19 different local activist groups gathered to picket the scheduled unloading of Zim Savannah at 6:00am on Sat. Oct. 18 even though Zim delayed it’s arrival in order to avoid the scheduled protest, much like it has done in other recent #BlockTheBoat actions. Union members informed activists on Sat. that the Sun. a.m. shift had been canceled and on Sun p.m. that the Mon. a.m. shift too had been canceled. Accordingly, the next scheduled picket will be at 4:00pm on Mon. Oct. 20, Day 3 of #BlockTheBoatLA.

Oakland, Vancouver, Seattle, Los Angeles, Tampa, New Orleans, and New York are holding solidarity actions as BDS campaigns gain momentum in the face of the recent disproportionate slaughter of Gaza & the Zionist regime’s controversial land grab of almost 1000 acres of West Bank territory.

Liverpool Dockworkers Message of Solidarity to ILWU Local 10

29th September 2014.

To the Members and Officers,
International Longshore & Warehouse Union,
ILWU Local 10,
400 North Point Street,
San Francisco, CA 94133.
Letter by Email.

Re: Message of Solidarity.

The Liverpool Dockworkers both past and present salute the actions of Local 10 and the Oakland Community Picket, taken against the Israeli government controlled Zim Line vessels. Furthermore their magnificent actions strike a blow against the Israel apartheid regime for their continued massacre and destruction of Gaza.

For far too long people in power have turned a blind eye to the Israeli slaughter of innocent Palestinian men, women and children, now we are seeing the labour and trade union movement in Oakland fighting back, and their actions must be supported by port and dockworkers the world over.

If we can be of any immediate help in terms of publicity or campaigning please let me know.

In Solidarity,


#StopZIMOak Action Update: Victory, Again! ILWU Workers Refuse to Unload ZIM SHANGHAI

tugster.wordpress.com tugster: a waterblog9-28-14: VICTORY! ZIM is sent packing from Oakland Port as ILWU workers honor the community picket line and European Unions consider similar actions.

9-28-14 1:41AM: Zim is under the Golden Gate Bridge and destined for Long Beach but may pull another u-turn. Check for updates before going to AM picket.

9-28-14 11:59PM: Zim Shanghai is moving west to unknown berth/port. Meeting at 4:30AM at West Oakland BART and/or 5:00AM at Berth to be determined.

9-27-14 11:00 AM: AM Victory! ILWU honored our picket line. Meeting at W. Oakland BART at 4:30PM for march or 5:00PM at Berth 58.

9-26-14 7:00 PM: ZIM Shanghai is parked 50nm from Golden Gate pilot boarding area, expected to arrive in Oakland at 5AM.

9-26-14 2:30PM: Reports that Saturday (5AM) work schedule will be implemented. ZIM SHANGHAI is, currently, expected on Saturday 5AM as originally scheduled but may change. Please stay tuned.

9-26-14 1:32PM: Since #BlockTheBoat and autonomous online organizers made history last August 16-20 by blocking the apartheid-Israeli Zim Piraeus cargo ship from unloading for four straight days, Zim has been dancing around several US/Canadian ports from Vancouver to Tampa in order to avoid community protests that have garnered organized labor’s support in blocking the unloading/loading of Zim’s cargo ships.

Consistent with Mossad’s old motto, “By Way of Deception, Thou Shalt Do War”, Zim has fruitlessly attempted to fool anti-apartheid activists by delaying, u-turning, changing berths, etc. and this time is no different. Since yesterday, organizers (@14fp, @violentfanon, @hyphy_republic, @StopZIMOak) have been reporting that ZIM SHANGHAI is ahead of schedule and that there may be two different work schedules, one with berthing at 5PM Friday and one at 5AM Saturday.

Please, stay tuned as a call for action may be made for 5PM, Friday evening, ahead of the scheduled 5AM Saturday morning call.


Text: “Join” to 88202 for alerts on ship location and picket status
Twitter: @StopZIMOak
Facebook: facebook.com/events/545270232240123/
Inquiries: stopzimoak@gmail.com / (415) 867-0628

To track the Zim Shanghai:http://www.marinetraffic.com/en/ais/details/ships/477634600
Port of Oakland map: http://www.portofoakland.com/pdf/maritime/mari_map.pdf