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OccupySF Action Council:


ACTION ALERT for Tuesday, September 16 

National Call-In Day

Call your Senators and Representatives TODAY before they support another endless war in the Middle East!

As early as today, Congress is going to vote on a controversial plan to send arms to Syrian rebels

Toll-free number: 1-855-68 NO WAR (1-855-686-6927).

Let them know:

* You are opposed to providing arms to Syrian rebels.

* You are opposed to US military intervention in Iraq and Syria

* You favor diplomacy and humanitarian aid as the only realistic approach to the threat of ISIS.

Ask for an explanation of where your member of Congress stands on the President’s plan “to destroy ISIS” through military means.

In the past six weeks, America has flown nearly 3,000 missions, deployed more than 1,500 troops, and launched more than 150 airstrikes in Iraq. Just last week, the President announced that our latest war in the Middle East will be ramping up, with increased airstrikes in Iraq and soon also in Syria. 

 U.S. airstrikes will not solve the problems we face in Iraq and Syria. Over the past 13 years, we have seen how the unintended consequences of military action can spiral out of control. U.S. bombs, and the civilian deaths they cause, often serve as recruitment tools for groups like ISIS. American supplied weapons have already fallen into the hands of violent extremists.

Info from Win Without War & Other organizations (toll-free number provided by Friends Committee on National Legislation)


Tuesday, September 16

S 16, Tuesday, 9:00 am. Dattani Court House Action – Rally (hearing at 9:30am)

400 McAllister St.

Friends, a reminder, tomorrow is our Dattani courthouse action. We are going to be holding a rally, and talking to the press about the case. Start time is 9:00am, with 9:30am being the hearing. The court at 400 McAllister. In the meantime, it would be great if we flooded Dattani phones, or e-mail/fax, in order to keep him on his toes.

Office Phone: 415-546-1238
Cell Phone: 415-742-0888
Fax: 415-546-1421

Info: Eviction Free San Francisco -

S 16, Tuesday, 10:00 am – CPMC’s (California Pacific Medical Center) Discriminatory Firing of RN Union Leader – Press Conference

CPMC Campus
Webster & Clay Streets

The California Nurses Association’s decade-long fight against California Pacific Medical Center’s restructuring of SF healthcare has been a major and decisive force in keeping St. Luke’s Hospital open.  The CNA is also fighting CPMC to keep Skilled Nursing Facility beds in San Francisco for our seniors and people with disabilities.  Please come and support them.

Info: SF Gray Panthers

Wednesday, September 17

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“Huge Climate Rally This Sunday in Oakland” from via Andy Gillis

Oakland demo
The biggest climate mobilization in history is just ten days away. On September 21st in New York City, tens of thousands of people will flood the streets to demand the better future we all know we need.
But not everyone can make the trip to New York. We get it — it’s a long way to go. So folks in cities across the world are coming together to march in solidarity with our friends in NYC — from Delhi to Rio to London.
If you can’t make it to New York on the 21st, you can still be part of the People’s Climate Mobilization. Here’s what’s happening near you:
WHAT: Northern California People’s Climate Rally
WHEN: Sunday, September 21, 2:00 PM
WHERE: Lake Merritt Amphitheater, Oakland, CA
As Chris Hayes says in the recent documentary Disruption, “There is no replacement, in the digital age, for human bodies standing as one, hearts beating as one, voices raised as one, making a political demand.”
Next weekend, we’re standing as one to demand climate action. Be part of it.
Can’t wait,
Anna & the team at
P.S. It’s not too late to get to New York — and no, you don’t have to fly. There are still a few seats left on the People’s Climate Train! How about a four day train adventure crossing some of the most spectacular terrain in the country? How about traveling with other dedicated climate activists and topping it all off with the People’s Climate March?Hurry and get your tickets for the People’s Climate Train today.

A Note from Occu-warrior David Halenda

David Halenda
David Halenda at far left
Hay folks, the time is at hand regarding my squatting case. I need your help! If you could just write a quick note of support that would be very helpful. Mainly they want to be reassured that I have connections with the community, and won’t ‘abscond’, or f%$k off my bail and hit the road to ol’ Mexico. This means that I don’t have to sit in jail for another frign month while they dither and dather over whether its a crime for someone to LIVE IN AN ABANDONED HOME.
If you could address it to ‘You Honor’ and mail it to me (at that’d be great. No more than a couple sentences are necessary.  If you would like more details on this absurd case, let me know. Much thanks all, see you at OccupyForum !
–David Halenda

“Pushing Through The Pavement” from Ryan Rising

A Permaculture Actor Tour across the Nation in 5 weeks spreading awareness, connecting players, initiating projects, bringing support and new excitement to urban agricultural renewal.

First, we want to thank each and every one of you that donated or supported us our fundraising campaign on indiegogo. We exceeded our minimum fundraising goal and we are so grateful. Though making our first goal the fact is, this tour is costly and how much we can accomplish is still determined by our budget. We are continuing to accept donations on our website at


Oct 4 – Venice Beach, CA
Oct 11 – Eugene, OR
Oct 18 – Basalt, CO
Oct 19 – Denver, CO
Oct 29 – Charleston, SC
Nov 1 – Austin, TX

These days are focused around getting things done. Each day and location is unique, but for the most part, they are days of agricultural activism for people to come and learn permaculture techniques, to get their hands dirty in community gardens, and the many other projects these communities have planned. Get to know more community activists in your area or connect with environmental groups. Only with your help, can we really leave a positive wake.

Click to read more information on each of these scheduled impact days!

Don’t forget to come celebrate your hard work and get funky at any one of tour dates with The Polish Ambassador and Ayla Nereo along the way! view schedule

We are so excited to begin this tour. There is still much work to be done. We are working very hard coordinating and planning more action days. If you have a project or community that could use our help, please reach out to our outreach coordinator at!Get involved?

  1. Promote our campaign onfacebook and twitter.
  2. Share our posts and events with your friends.
  3. Plan on coming out to the action days.
  4. Get involved in your community!

Take Initiative!
The only person that can get this going is you. Take personal responsibility for finding ways you can help in your local community. There is no shortage to ways to sustain our future. There is a shortage in effort and attention. Do your part by connecting with local groups and contributing some of your time to a more sustainable future for everyone!