Shut Down Creech Air Force Base!!!

As many of you know we are gearing up for the great 2015 Creech Air Force Base SHUT DOWN CREECH Convergence beginning February 28.  It will be awesome. Here’s how you can help make this an even bigger success.


Saturday, February 28th in S.F.  (9 AM)

This is our kickoff for the week of actions at Creech Air Force Base north of Las Vegas, Nevada.

Following the press conference, a caravan of cars and vans will leave for Creech carrying local activists protesting drone warfare. Hundreds of activists (including many war veterans) from over 17 states (including Maine, Alaska and Hawaii) will join us at Creech.

We plan to mark “Drone Victims Memorial Highway” (the road leading to Creech) with banners, markers, tombstones with names and ages of drone victims, etc. as a public display of the death & destruction caused by drone warfare. (For those coming to Creech or just to the rally, would you bring colorful pieces of cloth, fake flowers, or other paraphernalia to add to memorial sites along the highway? Thanks.)

WHAT:  Press Conference/”SHUT DOWN CREECH CodePink Caravan Send Off

WHEN/WHERE February 28, Saturday, 9:00 a.m., S.F. Ferry Bldg, Embarcadero

For more info:

Please support us!

Pink it up or come as you can.

(Complete text of Press Release is shown below)

–from Toby, Martha and Eleanor and all the others helping us to Shut Down Creech)


Press Release:


Contacts:  CODEPINK, Women for Peace

Toby Blomé,  510-541-6874;  Martha Hubert, 415-722-3321

Bay Area Peace Activists Announce Plans to Shut Down Key

U.S. Drone Warfare Base; Caravan Leaves for Nevada

Saturday Morning from San Francisco

WHAT:  Press Conference/”SHUT DOWN CREECH CodePink Caravan Send Off

WHEN/WHERE:  February 28, Saturday, 9:00 a.m., S.F. Ferry Bldg, Embarcadero

For more info:

SAN FRANCISCO – Bay Area CODEPINK peace activists will hold a Press Conference and “Send Off Rally” Saturday, Feb. 28, at 9 a.m. just prior to a Peace Caravan’s departure to Nevada to protest illegal U.S. drone warfare and shut down Creech Air Force Base, a key U.S. drone warfare base.

CODEPINK and supporters will initiate the “SHUT DOWN CREECH” event with early week commute hour vigils starting Mar. 2-3, as a prelude to  “CAMP JUSTICE,” a three-day encampment across from the base, that begins on Mar. 3 to open up the Mar. 4-6 larger national convergence called “SHUT DOWN CREECH.”

Five national peace organizations have been working overtime for months to prepare for this protest, which will culminate in a nonviolent direct action to actually SHUT DOWN CREECH on Friday, Mar. 6.

“Creech is where the killer drone program started and it is where we shall end it,” say organizers.

Coming from over 17 states, including Maine, Alaska and Hawaii, dozens of veterans and many other activists plan to peacefully shut down Creech Air Force Base, the home military base for drone warfare, since 2005, where the CIA and Pentagon wage airstrikes that terrorize and kill civilians in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia.  Protestors will demand banning:

-the use of drones for extrajudicial killings,
-surveillance on civilian populations, and
-the sale and distribution of drone warfare technology to foreign governments.

I-95 highway leading into the base, an hour north of Las Vegas, will be embellished with a long trail of giant banners with diverse anti-drone/anti-war messaging, and organizers will re-name the throughway “Drone Victims Memorial Highway” as they lay out tombstones, with victims names and ages, and other memorial paraphernalia to underline the dark side of drone warfare and to highlight the base as the criminal site where these unlawful killings are executed, and from where drone pilots, following illegal orders, have caused the deaths of over 200 Pakistan children alone.


SHUT DOWN CREECH is collectively organized by CODEPINK, Veterans For Peace, Nevada Desert Experience, Voices for Creative Nonviolence and Women’s International League for Peace & Freedom. Over 40 national organizations are endorsers or sponsors, including Iraq Veterans Against the War. CODEPINK is a women-led grassroots organization working to end U.S. wars and militarism, support peace and human rights initiatives, and redirect tax dollars into healthcare, education, green jobs and other life-affirming programs.

Occupy Forum presents . . . SEABROOK 1977 on Monday, March 2

Monday, March 2nd from 6 – 9 pm at Global Exchange

2017 Mission Street near the 16th and Mission Street BART

Information, discussion & community! Monday Night Forum!!

Occupy Forum is an opportunity for open and respectful dialogue

on all sides of these critically important issues!

OccupyForum presents…


 In anticipation of the accelerating campaign to shut California’s last nukes the two reactors at Diablo Canyon, near San Luis Obispo — we will view Seabrook 77, the story the of attempt to block construction of a nuclear power plant.

In April 1977, the small coastal town of Seabrook, New Hampshire became an international symbol in the battle over atomic energy. Concerned about the dangers of potential radioactive accidents, 2,500 members of the Clamshell Alliance, a coalition of environmental groups, attempted to block construction of a nuclear power plant in Seabrook. 1,414 people were arrested in that civil disobedience protest and jailed en masse in National Guard armories for two weeks.

Seabrook 77 chronicles the events which made world headlines and sparked the creation of a grassroots antinuclear power movement across the United States. Scenes of the nonviolent demonstration and subsequent internment are interwoven with interviews with participants on all sides of the event, including local Seabrook residents, antinuclear activists, New Hampshire’s pro-nuclear Governor Meldrim Thomson, police and utilities officials. The film documents the erection of a tent city and negotiations with the governor and police. It follows the arrest and incarceration of the largest group (after the Vietnam war protests) of U.S. citizens incarcerated. Seabrook 77 tells the story of this seminal event of the 1970s environmental activism and shows people making history from the grassroots.

Citizen activism has closed the reactors at Humboldt, Rancho Seco and San Onofre, and stopped proposed projects at Bakersfield, Bodega and elsewhere. PG&E’s Diablo is two 1200+ megawatt monsters surrounded by earthquake faults, in a tsunami zone, out of compliance with clean water and fire safety regulations, lacking a credible evacuation plan and now completely priced out of the market by clean, cheap, safe and job-producing renewable energy. The experiences of the 1970s anti nuclear activists is relevant today, and an inspiration for what lies ahead.

Discussion and Announcements to follow.

OccupyForum welcomes donations, no one turned away.

Read background on Diablo Canyon:

Berkeley Post Office occupation updates: February 26 & 27

First they came for the homeless's photo.
First they came for the homeless's photo.
First they came for the homeless's photo.
First they came for the homeless's photo.

First they came for the homeless:

February 26, 2015

Today, the postal police raided. They targeted everyone who was not in our protest zone. We established the protest area ourselves to provide a buffer from problems. It worked. The police surgically removed the problem people, leaving our tents alone.

To us, this is major. A federal police agency respected our rights, while taking the necessary steps to remove the problems that would have destroyed the occupation.

I hope this starts a trend. Please share this post. Give the people hope that some feds will respect the constitution!

February 27, 2015:

We found out from the local homeless activists that Berkeley Police have told the homeless to come to the post office to sleep. Three separate people have said this. The police are telling them they won’t be arrested if they come here. We suspected this was the case. Dozens of homeless are showing every night, making messes, being rowdy. The types of things that will destroy this occupation.

An obvious attempt to destroy this protest cannot be tolerated. We must get the word out this is a calculated effort by BPD to undermine what we are doing.

We will release the officers names tomorrow after the criminal justice mediator is done.

Also, tomorrow at noon, the gardeners will be back. The garden is doing great. Come by and lend a hand.

–Mike Zint

Berkeley Post Office occupation: Day 117

First they came for the homeless's photo.
First they came for the homeless's photo.
First they came for the homeless's photo.
First they came for the homeless's photo.

First they came for the homeless:

February 25, 2015:

Today is day 117 of the Berkeley Post Office occupation. The police have shown no interest in raiding. A criminal justice mediator will be here Saturday at 12:30pm to help us with the Methamphetamine addicts. (A.k.a. tweakers)

The postal police removed them from the side of the building to the front steps. Since last Friday, the police have allowed a brawl, drug dealing, a bike chop shop and loud behavior in a residential area next to Berkeley H.S.

The last couple of nights, there has been no police on the street after sundown. This is extremely suspicious.

As of today, the garden is growing quickly. The free box has stuff in it, the newspaper stand has papers, the book exchange has books, and the info table has become a community information exchange were community members leave fliers about upcoming events. In other words, the commons are being used for the community. I can’t help but thinking this is how it should be.

–Mike Zint

Action Council Events — February 25 to March 8

Occupy SF



OccupySF Action Council:


An Invitation

Occupy Action Council is starting to focus on creating an event for the Conference of Mayors in June (19-22) in San Francisco. We are reaching out to the affinity groups that have plugged in to our meetings / actions over the past couple of years.

SF and Mayor Ed Lee will be hosting the 83rd U.S. Conference of Mayors. According to the SF Chron, about 200 mayors from across the country are expected to attend along with 200 -300 support staff and roughly the same number of corporate sponsors.

Come join us as equal participants in calling out our elected representatives to confront what they have been so reluctant to confront given all of their narrow self interests that don’t serve the People’s needs but rather a small segment’s only.

We hope to serve as a coordinating facilitator with all the different groups representing their focus issues. We would merely act as a central hub for organizational purposes.

Our initial energies are now directed to getting different organizations to send a representative to our weekly meetings at:

    Local 2 / UNITE HERE

    215 Golden Gate Ave. (nr. Leavenworth)

    (2 Blocks from Civic Center BART)


   Every Sunday – 2:00pm – 4:00pm

All are welcomed!

To discuss tactics, approaches, outreach, etc

Would you be interested in working with us? We have several months to build significant numbers and a positive demonstration(s)  to send messages to the mayors that the People are extremely resistant to “business as usual” as our concerns are not being heard nor acted upon in the interest of a sane and People oriented society.

For Info contact: or


Wednesday, February 25

F 25, Wednesday, 3:00pm – 5:00pm Women, Leadership and the Future of Care

Delancey Street Foundation
Screening Room
600 The Embarcadero

With MacArthur “Genius Grant” Winner Ai-jen Poo

Americans are living longer than ever before: by 2035, the number of people over age 85 will more than double. In the face of this coming “age wave,” how can we build a culture that values our elders, and make caring for them a priority? In her new book The Age of Dignity: Preparing for the Elder Boom in a Changing America, National Domestic Workers Alliance director and Caring Across Generations co-director Ai-jen Poo points to bold solutions that can help us better care for our loved ones as they age—and provide millions of good jobs at the same time. Please join us as we celebrate this remarkable book with a candid conversation on the state of care in America today.

This event is part of Caring Across America. To learn more about the book and tour,

For more information and to RSVP, email

F 25, Wednesday, 5:30pm – 6:30pm CODEPINK’S  Weekly PEACE VIGIL

Montgomery and Market
(on the steps facing Market below Feinstein’s office, directly above the Montgomery BART/Muni station)

JOIN CODEPINKWORLD CAN’T WAIT, OCCUPY SF  Action Council and others at the huge PEACE banner.

Feel free to bring your own signage, photos, flyers, …

Additional signs and flyers provided.

No to WAR!


Stand (or sit) with us.

Everyone welcome!

See Upcoming Drone Actions at Creech AFB – NV below for March  4th 6th.

Thursday, February 26


Google San Francisco
345 Spear St,
San Francisco,

We, the tenants at 812 Guerrero, have been fighting our Ellis Act eviction by Google lawyer Jack Halprin for one year now. Join us as we deliver a petition with over 1,500 signatures to Google’s San Francisco office.

Join us to demand the eviction be rescinded and we be allowed to stay in our home and community.

Now is the time to make a stand. Google states that as a corporation, “We care about the communities where we live and work.” If so, how is that they are permitting their head of e-Discovery to evict two teachers, an artist, a three-year-old, a cab driver, and a woman with disabilities who have all shared a community at 812 Guerrero for years.

Petition, if you wish to sign:

Sponsor: Eviction Free San Francisco


F 26, Thursday, 6:00pm – 8:00pm, How We Win: 2015 and Beyond

Bayanihan Community Center
1010 Mission St,
San Francisco,

A free UrbanIDEA forum with:

-Corey Cook, University of San Francisco
-Supervisor Eric Mar, District 1
-Nate Albee, Legislative Aide for Supervisor David Campos
-Emily Lee, SF Rising Action Fund
-Maria Zamudio, Causa Justa :: Just Cause

Moderated by Dyan Ruiz, [people. power. media].

We need to face new political realities and change longstanding practices to win a progressive agenda in 2015 and beyond. In its first forum of the year, UrbanIDEA will look at the paradigm shifts currently taking place in the San Francisco constituency and new strategies to win big– for the 2015 election, for base building, and for long-term movements!

Info / Details / RSVP:

F 26, Thursday, 7:00pm REEL BAD ARABS: How Hollywood Vilifies a People –film; Followed  By Panel:  CHALLENGING ISLAMOPHOBIA & ANTI-ARAB RACISM” –Led by Arab Women Educator/Activists!

La Pena Cultural Center
3105 Shattuck Ave. (near Ashby BART)

Tickets $10 – $15 sliding scale, benefit for children in Palestine.
La Pena box office opens 6:30pm

Featuring acclaimed author Dr. Jack Shaheen, REEL BAD ARABS explores a long line of degrading images of Arabs–from Bedouin bandits and submissive maidens to sinister sheikhs and gun-wielding “terrorists”–along the way offering devastating insights into the origin of these stereotypic images, their development at key points in US history, and why they matter so much today.


Lara Kiswani is Palestinian born and raised in the Bay Area. She is an active organizer around war, militarism, Arab feminisms, Palestine and immigrant rights. Lara cofounded Students for Justice in Palestine at UC Davis and has a Masters in Education with an emphasis on equity and social justice. She is executive director of the Arab Resource & Organizing Center.

Dr. Samia Shoman is a Palestinian-American born and raised in California; her family is from Beit Hanina in Palestine. Her dissertation focused on Palestinian- and Arab-American activism in relation to the Palestinian cause. She has taught at San Francisco State and currently teaches World History at Hillsdale High School.

Rama Ali Kased is Palestinian, born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. She is currently a program director and faculty member at SF State University, in the Department of Health Education. She also holds a doctorate degree in educational leadership with a focus on equity and social justice, and her research interests include critical pedagogy, critical race theory and community health and well-being. She also provides leadership and base building trainings, as well as curriculum campaign and development support for community-based organizations in the Bay Area and in New York City.

Elsadig Elsheikh (Moderator) directs the global justice program at the Haas Institute for a Fair and Inclusive Society. He previously worked at the Kirwan Institute for the Study of Race and Ethnicity at Ohio State University and was associate editor of Race/Ethnicity: Multidisciplinary in Global Contexts. Elsadig holds dual Masters degrees.

Host: Middle East Children’s Alliance

For info: 510-548-0542,


Friday, February 27

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