Occupy Forum – The Fight Against Environmental Racism

Occupy Forum with Greenaction for Health & Environmental Justice and Environmental Justice Community Activists

Monday February 4, 2013 * 6 pm at 209 Golden Gate Ave @ Leavenworth, San Francisco (Local 2 Union Hall) Information, discussion and community!

The Fight Against Environmental Racism: Updates from the Frontlines in Bayview Hunters Point, Richmond & Kettleman City and How to Stop the 1% from Poisoning Us


Community struggles against environmental racism and injustice are raging in low-income communities of color across the bay area, state and country.  Communities are fighting for their lives, and for justice, challenging giant corporate polluters like Chevron and Chemical Waste Management and the government agencies that protect the 1% that profit from polluting our communities.

Hear from activists on the frontlines and get involved in planning actions this spring!

Maricla Mares Alatorre, El Pueblo/People for Clean Air & Water, Kettleman City (San Joaquin Valley)
Henry Clark, West County Toxics Coalition, Richmond
Marie Harrison, Greenaction Community Organizer, Bayview Hunters Point
Tessie Ester, Huntersview Mothers Committee for Health and Environmental Justice
Bradley Angel, Greenaction for Health and Environmental Justice

Donations gladly accepted to cover costs – no one turned away for lack of funds!

The last half hour will be reserved for Occupy Working Groups and Affinity Group announcements. Location: Local 2, 209 Golden Gate at Leavenworth, near the Civic Center BART. This is a smoke- and alcohol-free space. Join us at OccupyForum!

Occupy Forum with the Defenders of the Commons

Occupy Forum with the Defenders of the Commons,Monday Jan. 7th 6 -9 pm

Occupy Forum continues Monday Jan.uary 7 at 2017 Mission St. 2nd fl. at Global Exchange


Private corporations, often working hand-in-glove with governmental bodies, plunder the commons for private gain: ancient forests are clear-cut, wildlife preserves fracked, & public parks sectioned off from the people. Our last vestiges of the commons, the land & resources shared by all, are being sold off, bought off, or leased for private gain under the aegis of a budget crisis – a crisis created by Wall Street bail-outs, wars, & tax-breaks for millionaires, & fueled by oil & gas industry propaganda demanding endless drilling & blasting.

What is happening to our commons and how can we fight back?

Shannon Biggs, Director of the Community Rights Campaign at Global Exchange and co-author of The Rights of Nature: The Case for a Universal Declaration of the Rights of Mother Earth will speak about rights-based organizing to protect the commons, including the Mt. Shasta “rights of nature” ordinance, and the increasing problem of fracking in California. Katherine Howard of the “Save Golden Gate Park” coalition will update us about the recent onslaught against the commons by the San Francisco Department of Recreation & Parks, and Ed Dunn of HANC, the Haight-Ashbury Neighborhood Council, will speak to us about the eviction of the thirty year old Kezar Recycling Center. The Space Transformers will follow up with their efforts to save the grassroots Kezar Gardens Ecology Center.  Join us to learn how people everywhere are fighting back to defend the commons and alert the public, while letting corporations and government know that our commons are not up for grabs. We will close with a brief update on the urgent state of the struggle to save City College of SF, our educational commons..

Watch the video at: http://youtu.be/4wCptL_jZks

Monday 6:00 to 9:00 pm. 2017 Mission St. 2nd Floor conveniently located across from the 16th/Mission BART .There will be a sign posted on the door with a phone number for entry after 6:15. Donations to cover our costs are encouraged.

Occupy Forum in the Park with Cecile Pineda

Occupy Forum in the Park with Cecile Pineda

Monday, Nov 5th, 6 – 9 pm at 2969 Mission Street

Occupy Forum in the Park continues Monday November 5th at 2969 Mission Street. We seek the fullest possible citizen participation in the ongoing creation of a better world. Information, education, discussion, snacks & community! Monday Night Forum in the Park!!

Topic: How the Nuclear Industry Gets Away With Irradiating and Annihilating Us All

           Radiation from the planetary catastrophe at Fukushima: Is it in our shoes, our clothes, our hair? Is it in our food, our water, our air? Will it make us sick? Kill us? How long will it take? Can we get out? Is anywhere safe? Why did our governments not consider any of this when nuclear reactors were brought on line? Why did no one figure out how to store nuclear waste, or how to dismantle a defective, corroding reactor? What about reactors in California, and all over the United States and the world that leak, produce radioactive waste, and poison us? And what are the ties between the military and nuclear power? How is it possible that free people in democratically elected societies find ourselves trapped and aghast at this, our plight? What happened? Is it too late? Cecile Pineda, author of Devil’s Tango: How to do the Fukushima Step by Step, will take us on a journey through this nightmare that is now upon us, and explain how this time the System we fight in Occupy may have already committed suicide and taken us along with it. Can we save ourselves? Join us at Forum in the Park to hear the truth, and find out how to act with courage to stop our government and the nuclear industry from this march of folly.

We the People must force our governments to stop colluding with insatiable energy giants devastating our environment, and protect ourselves by dismantling nuclear power plants. We demand the shift to sustainable energy! Another world is possible!!! All are invited to join in the discussion!

The last half hour will be reserved for Occupy Working Groups and Affinity Group Announcements. Location: Answer Coalition’s SF HQ, 2969 Mission Street 94110, conveniently located near the 24th/Mission BART and the J Streetcar line. There will be seating, amplified sound, and peacekeepers to keep things alcohol, interruption, & smoke-free. Donations to cover our costs are welcome; no one will be turned away for lack of funds. Contact: Ruthie (415) 515-1259

Upcoming ‘Yes on Prop 37′ Actions

OccupySF’s Environmental Justice Working Group is joining California Right To Know‘s battle for labeling undertested GMOs in our food supply. The following is their call to action:

This is it! We’re in a deadlock in the polls and it’s up to us to nudge out just a few more “Yes” votes so that we can win this thing! Our strength has always been in our grassroots power, and this is the final showdown! PLEASE come out and help during these last few crucial moments – it WILL make an impact on the outcome of the election. We understand that everyone is busy, which is why we’ve made a number of our events just an hour long. Please, please join us, or add your own event at http://www.carighttoknow.org/events if none of these are convenient!

Mon, 10/29, 5:30-6:30pm – Embarcadero BART
Tues, 10/30, 10am-2pm – Ferry Building FM
Tues, 10/30, 5:30-6:30pm – Mollie Stones
Wed, 10/31, 4-6pm – Halloween in the Castro
Thurs, 11/1, 10am-2pm – Ferry Building FM
Thurs, 11/1, 6-7pm – 24th St BART
Fri, 11/2, ALL DAY – Ride the Rails for Prop 37 (more details soon)
Sat, 11/3, 8am-2pm – Ferry Building FM
Sat, 11/3, 2pm – Mini rally then tabling throughout the city (more details soon)
Sat, 11/3, 11am-11pm – Scoops for the Right to Know at BiRite
Sun, 11/4, 11am-10pm – Scoops for the Right to Know at BiRite
Mon, 11/5, 5-8pm – BiRite Tabling
Mon, 11/5, 5:30-6:30pm – Montgomery BART
Tues, 11/6, ALL DAY – Visibility events (more details soon)

Join the Phone Bank and call California Voters!


For more info: Genetic Roulette – The Gamble of our Lives