Occupy Forum with Ahmed Salah

Occupy Forum with Ahmed Salah

Monday, Nov 26th, 6 – 9 pm at 2969 Mission Street

Occupy Forum continues Monday November 26th at 2969 Mission Street. We seek the fullest possible citizen participation in the ongoing creation of a better world. Information, education, discussion, refreshment, and community: Monday Night Occupy Forum!

Topic: How to Stage Victory While Keeping the Movement Non-Violent

and the People Courageous

       “How do you get enough people in the street to reach the tipping point where everyone with enough anti-regime sentiment will feel safe enough to demonstrate? How do you communicate effectively within the movement, and tell the movement’s side of the story to the outside world? And how do you sustain pressure on the regime despite brutal attacks on the people?” Ahmed Salah, prominent architect of the nonviolent resistance in Egypt, and instrumental in the downfall of Mubarak’s regime, will compare the Egyptian and American situations, and Egyptian resistance groups with Occupy. He will also address the aftermath: How will the move from revolution to truly representational decentralized democracy be achieved in Egypt and what are the implications for us?

“Hundreds of thousands of people poured into the streets and flooded into Tahrir Square from all directions. The security forces cannot mass their troops in one particular area, because whatever’s happening here is happening everywhere.” – Ahmed Salah

Watch the video at: http://youtu.be/Fli3fMoaBL0

The last half hour will be reserved for Occupy Working Groups and Affinity Group Announcements. Location: 2969 Mission Street 94110, conveniently located near the 24th/Mission BART and the J Streetcar line. There will be seating, amplified sound, and peacekeepers to keep things alcohol, interruption, and smoke-free. Donations to cover our costs are welcome; no one will be turned away for lack of funds. Contact: Ruthie  (415) 515-1259


Black Friday: National Walmart Strikes & Solidarity with Gaza Actions

Oakland Walmart on Black Friday

While Walmart downplays the nationwide protests at the retail giant’s monolithic megastores, . United Food and Commercial Workers Union and Our Walmart have organized the reported “1,000 protests in 46 U.S. states, including strikes in 100 cities” to demand higher pay and more employee benefits. Attempting to thward the nationwide actions, Walmart filed a complaint against the UFCWU – one of the largest unions in the US – to ban any protests or flash mobs and Our Walmart responded by filing a complaint with the National Labor Relations Board alleging unlawful threats to dissuade workers from participating in the actions. Brass Liberation Orchestra and Contra Costa County Congressman George Miller showed their support for the workers at the Richmond, Calif. store and media and protesters were kicked out of the Oakland location. Reports of riot gear clad police being deployed to disperse the protests have surfaced on Twitter as news agencies report the actions have been peaceful.

Israeli Vice Prime Minister Silvan Shalom Hacked

Back on the peninsula, where there are no Walmarts:), Free Gaza Actions have been planned at 12:00pm and 1:00pm at Union Square and 4:00pm at the Israeli Consulate at 456 Montgomery St. Since the beginning of the recent hostilities between Palestine and Israel – which were sparked by and Israeli Defense Force helicopter gunning down a 13 year old Palestinian boy playing soccer – Emergency Actions for Gaza have been called almost every evening at the Israeli Consulate in the San Francisco Financial District. The actions have been peaceful, however, there was one incident where a Pro-Israeli who apparently assaulted a Pro-Palestinian triggered a tense standoff with police keeping the two sides apart and another where a police officer assaulted a female Pro-Palestinian demonstrator and an OccupySF livestreamer.



Occupy Forum in the Park: The History of Buddhist Activism

Occupy Forum in the Park: The History of Buddhist Activism

Monday, Nov 19th, 6 – 9 pm at Café Que Tal (location changed)

Occupy Forum in the Park continues Monday November 19th at 1005 Guerrero St.. We seek the fullest possible citizen participation in the ongoing creation of a better world. Information, education, discussion & community! Monday Night Forum!!

 Buddhist Activism:  The first 2,500 Years, From Tibet to Thailand and Myanmar to Occupy Oakland

What does Buddhism have to do with the Occupy Wall Street Movement? Buddhism’s rich history of activism spans over 2,500 years and across the globe.  It helped spark the Occupy Wall Street Movement.  Learn how.  From Tibet to Thailand to India to Occupy Oakland, the Buddhist tradition has helped instill inner and outer change.  Who are the untouchables in India?  How are the monk’s fighting deforestation in Thailand and the oppression of Tibet.  Learn about Engaged Buddhism during the Vietnam War and at Occupy Oakland.  Hear about the struggle for women’s equality during the era of the Buddha to today.  Our panel:  Prasadachita, David Nelson, and Ethan Davidson.  Let’s apply the successes of Buddhist Activism towards re-igniting the Occupy Wall Street Movement. 

 Monday from 6 to 9 pm, Occupy Forum in the Park goes inside  The last half hour will be reserved for Occupy Working Groups and Affinity Group Announcements. Location: 1005 Guerrero near 22nd, conveniently located blocks from 24th/Mission BART .  Food and drink available for purchase to support the local Café, Café Que Tal.  There will be seating & amplified sound. Donations to cover our costs are welcome.

Occupy UC Regents, Global Actions and Emergency Global Actions for Gaza

November 15, 2012 is turning out to be a day of action around the world and San Francisco is in sync. With riots in Jordan | Greeks storming German meetingsassaulting diplomat | Mozambique protests over bus fare hikes | Cambodias eviction protesters arrested before Obama visit | dozens of youths protested in front of the Arab League headquarters in Cairo | parts of Europe recuperating after organised labour’s biggest Europe-wide challenge to austerity policies since the euro zone debt crisis erupted three years ago, yesterday | Democracy Now reporting about “The Growing Global Movement Against Austerity” | and Occupy launch(ing) ‘Rolling Jubilee’ debt forgiveness programme, San Francisco is right in step as the all day Occupy the UC Regents and a 5:00pm rally against the recent assault on Gaza at the Israeli Consulate unfold.

UC Regents are in a pickle and tuition hikes are the core of the austerity measures being considered. Interestingly, Peter Taylor – UC’s new chief financial – was previously the managing director for public finance at Lehman Bros., before they collapsed in the largest bankruptcy in American history. While at Taylor was at Lehman, the investment firm expanded UC debt and was part of the interest rate swaps that have cost UC more than $23 million. Although  the passing of Prop 30 will provide millions of tax dollars to public K-12 and colleges, the influx will not be felt by struggling students in the form of lower tuition, which has increased drastically in recent years. The UC Regents are expected to approve a budget, today, the third day of their meetings on the matter and Occupy UC Regents have been OcCuPyInG the Mission Bay campus all night after their Walkout for Higher Education last Thursday and rally on Tuesday.

A screenshot from an Israeli site defaced by Anonymous hackers.

In the Financial District, Anonymous has called for a 5:00pm demonstration at the Israeli Consulate at 456 Montgomery St as part of their Emergency Global Actions for Gaza, due to Israel’s threatening to hit the internet kill switch on Palestine and for the reported 3000 tons of bombs on Gaza, including 75 tons of depleted Uranium, in the past 22 days. Reportedly, Anonymous is currently defacing and taking off-line several Israeli gov’t websites, including http://www.tel-aviv.gov.il/, dannydamon.com, http://falcon-s.co.il/, http://dolevltd.co.il/fuk_isreal.asphttp://securityacademy.com/http://imi-israel.com & icomputers.co.il , according to some of the tweets and news reports:

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OccupySForum: Education for Profit 11/12/12

Education for Profit:  How the 1% is Privatizing And cutting resources of our Public Education

Hosted by ANSWER Coalition
2969 Mission St. at 26th St.
(near 24th St. BART/ MUNI 14, 49)

     The structure of our educational system is under attack from K-12 to the University.  From tuition hikes to Charter Schools to the bullying of whistleblower teachers.  Our current struggle at City College of San Francisco and the UC system will also be discussed.

Steve Zeltzer, producer of Workweek Radio on KPFA, founder of Laborfest, and a founding member of United Public Workers for Action will speak about the political forces behind privatization, the financial conflicts of interest, and the current cover-up of physical abuse of middle school students at MLK in San Francisco.

Professor George Wright, history instructor at Skyline College and 35 year veteran professor of the California State University System, will speak about the institutional attack on economic democracy as it pertains to our schools.