Occupy UC Regents, Global Actions and Emergency Global Actions for Gaza

November 15, 2012 is turning out to be a day of action around the world and San Francisco is in sync. With riots in Jordan | Greeks storming German meetingsassaulting diplomat | Mozambique protests over bus fare hikes | Cambodias eviction protesters arrested before Obama visit | dozens of youths protested in front of the Arab League headquarters in Cairo | parts of Europe recuperating after organised labour’s biggest Europe-wide challenge to austerity policies since the euro zone debt crisis erupted three years ago, yesterday | Democracy Now reporting about “The Growing Global Movement Against Austerity” | and Occupy launch(ing) ‘Rolling Jubilee’ debt forgiveness programme, San Francisco is right in step as the all day Occupy the UC Regents and a 5:00pm rally against the recent assault on Gaza at the Israeli Consulate unfold.

UC Regents are in a pickle and tuition hikes are the core of the austerity measures being considered. Interestingly, Peter Taylor – UC’s new chief financial – was previously the managing director for public finance at Lehman Bros., before they collapsed in the largest bankruptcy in American history. While at Taylor was at Lehman, the investment firm expanded UC debt and was part of the interest rate swaps that have cost UC more than $23 million. Although  the passing of Prop 30 will provide millions of tax dollars to public K-12 and colleges, the influx will not be felt by struggling students in the form of lower tuition, which has increased drastically in recent years. The UC Regents are expected to approve a budget, today, the third day of their meetings on the matter and Occupy UC Regents have been OcCuPyInG the Mission Bay campus all night after their Walkout for Higher Education last Thursday and rally on Tuesday.

A screenshot from an Israeli site defaced by Anonymous hackers.

In the Financial District, Anonymous has called for a 5:00pm demonstration at the Israeli Consulate at 456 Montgomery St as part of their Emergency Global Actions for Gaza, due to Israel’s threatening to hit the internet kill switch on Palestine and for the reported 3000 tons of bombs on Gaza, including 75 tons of depleted Uranium, in the past 22 days. Reportedly, Anonymous is currently defacing and taking off-line several Israeli gov’t websites, including http://www.tel-aviv.gov.il/, dannydamon.com, http://falcon-s.co.il/, http://dolevltd.co.il/fuk_isreal.asphttp://securityacademy.com/http://imi-israel.com & icomputers.co.il , according to some of the tweets and news reports:

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