Grimm Reports & Prison like Conditions at Sandy Refugee Camps

November 11, 2012 – Martial Law is still in effect in parts of New Jersey and New York. The seemingly Orwellian named “Camp Freedom” set up by Red Cross and Department of Human Services at Monmouth Park, Oceanport is said to be like a prison with the Military, FEMA and Red Cross operating within the camp’s perimeter where no media is allowed. “Everybody is angry over here. It’s like being (in) prison,” said one of the Sandy refugees.

100s of thousands of people are still without power and Staten Island’s Arthur Kill Correctional Facility is currently being considered for use as another refugee camp, according to Peter Cutler, a spokesman for the state Department of Corrections.

“They’re scared; they’ve been through so much and they want to know that they’re gonna have a place to go at least for the next 30 days or so – and as of right now, we don’t have those answers”, said Rep Michael Grimm of New York.
So where is the Federal Gov’t? The NYTimes has reported that, “The Army Corps of Engineers has awarded a contract worth up to $385 million for building temporary immigration detention centers to Kellogg Brown & Root, the Halliburton subsidiary that has been criticized for overcharging the Pentagon for its work in Iraq.
KBR would build the centers for the Homeland Security Department for an unexpected influx of immigrants, to house people in the event of a natural disaster…”.

FEMA’s own National Responder Support Camp (NRSC) documents say, “The Contractor shall be capable of establishing and maintaining a RSC within disaster-impacted areas within 72 hours of task order award”.

According to Harry Helms author of Inside the Shadow Government: National Emergencies and the Cult of Secrecy, “A 1992 study by the Cox Newspapers Group found that during 1982-1992 FEMA’s budgets included only $243 million for disaster relief but $2.9 billion for black ops.”

And can we really trust Red Cross? CNN once reported, “The Red Cross has raised more than $564 million for the Liberty Fund, which was set up in response to the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. it has distributed only $154 million” and Staten Island Borough President James Molinaro recently called the Red Cross an “absolute disgrace” and urged people to stop contributing to them, adding “It’s very emotional because the lack of a response. The lack of a response. They’re supposed to be here….They should be on the front lines fighting, and helping the people.”

Thankfully, OccupySandy Volunteers Ops are underway and the Gothamist reported “last night, representatives from The National Guard, the Bloomberg administration, and the NYPD spoke at an organizational meeting for the movement’s continued efforts to help powerless Red Hook residents” If you are able, please contribute to this historic relief effort…this is still just the beginning of the recovery.