“Pushing Through The Pavement” from Ryan Rising

A Permaculture Actor Tour across the Nation in 5 weeks spreading awareness, connecting players, initiating projects, bringing support and new excitement to urban agricultural renewal.

First, we want to thank each and every one of you that donated or supported us our fundraising campaign on indiegogo. We exceeded our minimum fundraising goal and we are so grateful. Though making our first goal the fact is, this tour is costly and how much we can accomplish is still determined by our budget. We are continuing to accept donations on our website at www.permacultureaction.org.


Oct 4 – Venice Beach, CA
Oct 11 – Eugene, OR
Oct 18 – Basalt, CO
Oct 19 – Denver, CO
Oct 29 – Charleston, SC
Nov 1 – Austin, TX

These days are focused around getting things done. Each day and location is unique, but for the most part, they are days of agricultural activism for people to come and learn permaculture techniques, to get their hands dirty in community gardens, and the many other projects these communities have planned. Get to know more community activists in your area or connect with environmental groups. Only with your help, can we really leave a positive wake.

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Don’t forget to come celebrate your hard work and get funky at any one of tour dates with The Polish Ambassador and Ayla Nereo along the way! view schedule

We are so excited to begin this tour. There is still much work to be done. We are working very hard coordinating and planning more action days. If you have a project or community that could use our help, please reach out to our outreach coordinator at -outreach@permacultureaction.org!Get involved?

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Take Initiative!
The only person that can get this going is you. Take personal responsibility for finding ways you can help in your local community. There is no shortage to ways to sustain our future. There is a shortage in effort and attention. Do your part by connecting with local groups and contributing some of your time to a more sustainable future for everyone!

Occupy Forum presents . . . the film “The Ghosts of Jeju” on Monday, September 15, 2014

Monday, September 15th from 6 – 8 pm at Global Exchange

2017 Mission Street near 16th Street BART

Information, discussion & community! Monday Night Forum!!

OccupyForum presents…

Film and Speaker:

The Ghosts of Jeju

The Ghosts of Jeju is an award-winning documentary directed by Regis Trembly about the struggle of the people of Jeju Island, South Korea. Set in the context of the American presence in Korea after World War II, the film reveals horrible atrocities at the hands of the U.S. Military Government of Korea. Jeju Island is off South Korea and has three International Heritage Sites.The United States is building a huge Naval Base on the island. The film describes the brave, peaceful resistance of the indigenous people to the base today and the history of the genocide of native people during the “Korean War.” The spirit of the villagers and those who have joined their resistance movement is inspiring.

Using previously secret and classified photos, film and documents, this is the first English-language documentary about the struggle of the brave people of Gangjeong Village who are opposing the military advance of the United States, just as their parents and relatives did in 1947. As then, they are being arrested, jailed, fined, and hospitalized for resisting the construction of a massive naval base that will accommodate America’s “pacific pivot” and will destroy their 400 year old village and their UNESCO-protected environment.

The United States is a war-based economy and has been one since WW I and reconfirmed by WW II, the Korean War, the Vietnam wars and up to, and including the Gulf War in Iraq and the Afghanistan War. Sadly, the vast majority of Americans have been conditioned to accept our serial wars and to “Support Our Troops” without questioning.

Our speaker has previously spoken OccupyForum. Discussion and announcements will follow. Donations accepted; no one turned away.

Trailer: http://vimeo.com/64077154


9/11 in DC

Pirate Mike 2
Pirate Mike

So I want to preface this post with the fact that the night I arrived in DC who should I meet but the notorious Federal Agent Chisitine Sands, aka Nevada aka TwatWaffle, the subject of multiple youtube videos by Anonymous and others. Yet no one can show conclusive proof of such or even tell me from which agency (FBI?) I don’t even care, she’s living in RV with no money.
Such “exposure” as an “agent” amounts to nothing more than hearsay.
I remember the controversy surrounding her involvement in last years MMM and the Anonomobile, the supposedly secretly funded by George Soros Anonymous bus that was supposed to “bait” unwary activist types.
True, she is a great looking woman, and the RV is cool, but my impression was that she is nothing more than another dedicated truth seeker using her art and own money to promote Wiki-Leaks and Anonymous, demand transparency and promote peace.
She is about as much of an “Agent” as myself, Jane, Bob G., or David Solnit.
That being said, I was alone in the RV for hours, and found no incriminating “evidence” (such as a gun, which is standard issue for Govt agents, or any “bugs” or the like)
She COULD be a Mata Hari type, and it was odd that she rolled up on me two hours after I got in town, but her “interview” with me concerning Occupy, Anon, and my mission was really quite pedestian, and I just spewed out my usual stuff.
We hung out for three days, (I was using the Anonomobile as HQ) and I personally found her quite charming and level headed albeit with a bit of a temper not much “worse” that Patricia G from the AC.
And who among us has not been known to lose our shit from time to time, given the nature of our work? I fully researched her background, trolled the videos and interviewed her myself. If anything, people are simply “out to get her” because she has been so effective at “outing” THEM as agents or creeps, for example, John Fairhust and his sexual predations on women, organizers with ties to Wave of Action and American Spring who have criminal histories involving weapons, pedophilia, etc. Unless she is actively trying to ruin peoples carreers, but her story checks out, and I really havent the time nor patience to defend MY association with her or her character, so enough of that.
As to the 2 Million Bikers/American Spring Rally on 9/11, I feel that action itself had been compromised. Low turn out and no counter demos…I witnessed how the cops were suppressing the rally by constantly changing the parking set up throughout the day forcing people to move their motorcycles and big rigs several times throughout the day.
As to the speakers and the rhetoric, it was fairly jingoistic God, Guns and Impeachment.
So there was good stuff to “agree” with mixed in with anti-arab sentiment, and right wing feeling. Too much Pro-Israel shit mixed up with overthrowing the Government.
And this goes back to what I was saying how many people I have met on my trip are fully aware that the “system is broken” and we need to “throw the bums out”, “end the wars and bring the troops home” a kind of free-enterprise/isolationist stance hand in hand with “support Israel and kill the terrorists”.
This paradoxical language reflects the effectiveness of the medias’ mixed messaging to the American public.
The event was attended mostly by veterans. By my estimate, at least 90 percent of the crowd was biker vets.
The loved me, they ate it up that I was radicalizing and trying to mobilize homeless veterans, but the whole peace message had to be explained in terms that…lets just say I “tailored” my message to the crowd, because I am NOT a pacifist. I am who I am, a sort of militant peace monger.
My personal solution is NOT to “line ‘em all up against the wall and shoot the bastards” but to exile them on barges in the ocean with fishing poles and buckets to collect rain water.
I prefer exile to executions. The confiscation of wealth and property as opposed to imprisonment, you know that sort of thing.
There is no question that the crowd were patriots and love this country, but one of the more ridiculous statements that drew huge applause was
“Look at Western Europe: it is a nightmare! That place is a mess!”
And: “The enemy is Islam!”
But then they would go on to say that America was built by all races, and we are all equal here, because:
“No matter where you or your family came from, all our blood runs Red, White, and Blue” (huge applause)
So I met some Anon kids there (whom Sands proceeded to hassle for not talking to her) and it is with them that I will organize the N5 event here.
It is DC afterall, and the Nations’ Capitol should have the biggest MMM.
Besides, I can keep a lid on the Sands thing.
Please please please know, everyone, that I love and miss you all dearly.
While I am in NYC for the Climate March I will attempt to get enough funds to catch a bus home.
My kudos to the plucky Occupiers in Berkeley, and to Bob for his awesome writing, the Action Council for keeping the stove hot, and welcome back to Robsputin (AAAAAAAARRRGH HE’S AN…….AGENT! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!)
Peace gang, and as for the Occu-tards, our wayward comrades on Drumm street. Stay supportive, but more than that realize that you can do nothing for them beyond enabling.