Report back from NYC

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Ahh New York. I arrived on the 20th, a day ahead of the vaunted and well publicized and funded People’s Climate March. I set up my base at the Veterans for Peace rally point on 77th and W. Central Park Ave in the pre dawn hours of the 21st and began shooting a series of videos of the sun rising on the empty streets. Over the next 2 hours I filmed the streets as the began to fill, first with the NYPD setting up the barricades, then the various groups as they arrived. I am currently putting together a “timelapse” video of the day, and that is taking some time.
I have been able to meet and work with awesome O.G. NYC Occupiers, and my days have been filled with behind the scenes activist work, gathering intel and data, listening to gossip and sharing Occupy tales of wonder and intrigue.
One of the highlights of my trip has been seeing various homies from the my beloved Bay Area. The Code Pink; Medea, Nancy, the VFP from various chapters (whats up 69! 91!) and even the crazy Elliot from Oakland (Black Rose, first guy busted at the Flood) It was crazy seeing peeps from Oakland out here, hanging with the EF! crews…
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I have really been getting the “poop” on the Occ from some of the original organizers….
On a personal level, I find NYC exhilarating, but that is because of my curios nature; I HATE cities, actually, so this is quite a novelty…Nathan’s on Coney Island, pizza “pie” in the Bronx, etc.
Politically my interest has been piqued by the whole ISIS thing, and of course many people I have met are from Russia/ Ukraine, so my heart goes out to their families. ISIS, is of course an animal of the US Imperialist construct.
The “usual” issues of Palestine, impeachment of Obama, environmental destruction, first nations rights, etc. fill my conversations.
My “vetworking” has been going well, I am collecting stories from homeless veterans everywhere I go.
Of particular interest of me is talking with veterans from other countries: Iraq, Russia, Bosnia, etc. We are all suffering the same after effects of homelessness and PTS. Many ex-soldiers from the aforementioned countries (even El Salvador, Columbia, and other LA countries) are here on a government tab. Of course if they return to their native countries they could be killed.
But there is nothing quite like talking to an ex-soviet soldier who fought in Georgia or Afghanistan.
So my VETERAN SOLIDARITY transcends all nationalities and Class divisions.
My current campaign is the recruitment drive for MILLIONMASKMARCH in Washington DC. I have been able to coordinate with crews from Philadelphia, Baltimore and NYC for the event in Washington DC.
I hope you all are gearing up for N5, and I am sure it will be a smash!
As to the MMM, and some of its’ attendant controversies, personalities and thrust of its’ “message”:
Do not get hung up in intra-personal squabbles, the overall theme is that people can put aside their differences in the interest of greater concerns, so there will be many different contingents and messages. It is an open forum for expression, and the unifying theme is that the people will be heard, and will take action! Personally, I think we still need to put in another 3 years of escalating direct actions, including sabotage and acts of property violence, in tandem with “above ground” legislative action.
My groups are composed of veterans, and we are bottom lining comms, medical and crowd defense should the coppers take it there.
The cool thing is that the groups I am compiling are composed of military veterans from around the world. Even former ‘enemies” are banding together to STOP WAR. This is beautiful. And if a kid from Afghanistan can march arm in arm with a Russian or American kid….well, that is what solidarity looks like.
So put aside your personal (really rather petty differences) for something that transcends your life and relations with someone who doesnt share your tastes in sexuality or your color of Marxism.
I love you all, and support Mike Zint in Berk, as well as remain emotionally available to eachother.
The Occupy: Not DEAD but DREAMING. (to throw a nod to HP Lovecraft)
Peace, love, and PIRACY!

Hannah Appel appears on Tavis Smiley show on 9/26/14 re Strike Debt

Happan Appel

An organizer with Occupy’s Strike Debt and its Debt Collective, Appel explains how the projects work in seeking out, buying and abolishing debt in collections.

Hannah Appel is an assistant professor of anthropology at UCLA, whose research, writing and teaching is concerned with the economic imagination­thinking more creatively about what is possible in our economic lives. She completed her master’s work at the University of the West Indies on a Fulbright scholarship, her Ph.D. at Stanford and held postdoctoral positions at Berkeley and at Columbia. Her time at Columbia coincided with the occupation of Zuccotti Park/Liberty Square, and she’s been involved in the Occupy movement ever since. This involvement led to her organizing work as an activist with Strike Debt, its Rolling Jubilee Initiative, and its newly launched Debt Collective.

Link to video:

Postal Banking Skit – Occupy SF Convergence 9/20/2014 (via Susan Miller)


Susan Harman as… the Announcer
Debbie Notkin as… the Mark
JP Massar as… Jamie Dimon
Spencer Veale as… The Payday Loanshark
Bill Rose as… Mr. Postman!

As performed on 9/20 in San Francisco.
Captured and tamed by Susan Miller.
This once in a lifetime event is worth its weight in pixels.

“Riveting! The Bay Bridge put in a solid performance.” – Ebert
“Shakespeare could not have written such a piece!” – LaSalle
“A Tragedy that only Elizabeth Warren could appreciate!” – A.O. Scott

#StopZIMOak Action Update: Victory, Again! ILWU Workers Refuse to Unload ZIM SHANGHAI tugster: a waterblog9-28-14: VICTORY! ZIM is sent packing from Oakland Port as ILWU workers honor the community picket line and European Unions consider similar actions.

9-28-14 1:41AM: Zim is under the Golden Gate Bridge and destined for Long Beach but may pull another u-turn. Check for updates before going to AM picket.

9-28-14 11:59PM: Zim Shanghai is moving west to unknown berth/port. Meeting at 4:30AM at West Oakland BART and/or 5:00AM at Berth to be determined.

9-27-14 11:00 AM: AM Victory! ILWU honored our picket line. Meeting at W. Oakland BART at 4:30PM for march or 5:00PM at Berth 58.

9-26-14 7:00 PM: ZIM Shanghai is parked 50nm from Golden Gate pilot boarding area, expected to arrive in Oakland at 5AM.

9-26-14 2:30PM: Reports that Saturday (5AM) work schedule will be implemented. ZIM SHANGHAI is, currently, expected on Saturday 5AM as originally scheduled but may change. Please stay tuned.

9-26-14 1:32PM: Since #BlockTheBoat and autonomous online organizers made history last August 16-20 by blocking the apartheid-Israeli Zim Piraeus cargo ship from unloading for four straight days, Zim has been dancing around several US/Canadian ports from Vancouver to Tampa in order to avoid community protests that have garnered organized labor’s support in blocking the unloading/loading of Zim’s cargo ships.

Consistent with Mossad’s old motto, “By Way of Deception, Thou Shalt Do War”, Zim has fruitlessly attempted to fool anti-apartheid activists by delaying, u-turning, changing berths, etc. and this time is no different. Since yesterday, organizers (@14fp, @violentfanon, @hyphy_republic, @StopZIMOak) have been reporting that ZIM SHANGHAI is ahead of schedule and that there may be two different work schedules, one with berthing at 5PM Friday and one at 5AM Saturday.

Please, stay tuned as a call for action may be made for 5PM, Friday evening, ahead of the scheduled 5AM Saturday morning call.


Text: “Join” to 88202 for alerts on ship location and picket status
Twitter: @StopZIMOak
Inquiries: / (415) 867-0628

To track the Zim Shanghai:
Port of Oakland map:

Action Council Events — September 26 to October 4


Next Meeting

Sunday, September 28, 2014

2:00pm – 4:00pm    

UNITE / HERE (Local 2)

215 Golden Gate Ave.

San Francisco


OccupySF Action Council:


“NO WAR ON SYRIA” – Fresno Light Brigade
“NO WAR IN SYRIA” – Overpass Light Brigade – San Diego
“NO WAR DON’T BOMB SYRIA” – NTLB North Texas Light Brigade



Friday, September 26

S 26, 4:30 pm  Stop the ZIM Shanghai September 26th! (Note new time change)

West Oakland BART (meet)
1451 – 7th Street

ALERT: The Zim Shanghai is now scheduled to arrive TONIGHT, FRIDAY (Sept. 26th).

Gather at W.Oakland BART at 4:30PM to march and carpool to SSA Terminal Berth 59 to chase ZIM out of Oakland.

Picket the Zim Shanghai Starting September 26th, 2014 at the Port of Oakland!

ZIM is running scared and trying to sneak in ahead of schedule but Oakland is ready!

Please check frequently:

Text: “Join” to 88202 for alerts on ship location and picket status
Twitter: @StopZIMOak
Inquiries: / (415) 867-0628

To track the Zim Shanghai:
Port of Oakland map:

Please come to a sustained community and labor activist picket beginning on September 27th to stop the Zim Shanghai from unloading or loading any cargo – from when it arrives in Oakland until it leaves.

Israel claims it does not “occupy” Gaza, yet it has complete control of Gaza’s land crossings, seacoast and air space. Israel severely restricts Palestinians’ movement and their access to food, medical supplies, and construction materials.

We ask the ILWU to carry on its long historical tradition of opposing injustice and honoring community picket lines. Let’s keep the pressure on and continue this tradition of labor blockades against oppression.

Please come to a sustained community and labor activist picket beginning on September 27th to stop the Zim Shanghai from unloading or loading any cargo – from when it arrives in Oakland until it leaves. This will also send a message to stevedoring companies such as Stevedore Services of America (SSA) who are pushing for concessions right now against longshore workers who are working without a contract.

Solidarity with the Palestinian people!  End the Siege of Gaza!

Info: Stop Zinn Action Committee  -

Occupy SF Action Council page:

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