“Gaza–Manufacturing the Lie” by Bob of Occupy

Any super power will reach a point where, in order to survive and take care of its own self-interests, somebody else’s self-interests has to be sacrificed…well, a better word would be exploited. Hence the stealing of resources of a country with the attendant crimes of murder through war, murder through the poisoning of the people whose environment has been defiled (cancer), murder through the breakdown and destruction of a culture.

Self-interest seem to be the defining mark of our world, without any regard for the consequences to Others and the Planet. It’s the result of placing the abstraction of profit on the altar of the highest worship.

I went to a Codepink demonstration again last night on Montgomery and Market, just outside the Financial District and down from Senator Feinstein’s office. It’s amazing watching the ants scurry mindlessly and always with undercurrents of fear to make contact with the eyes of fellow human beings. Some few let that fear show when they see the pictures we have there of dead children in Afghanistan or the Gaza….followed by furtive glances away and back to routine, decaying motions.

So many things in this world are discoverable through a little effort of research and reason. And yet politics seeks to create a consensus of manufactured history irrespective of or in total antithesis to the clear results of that honest effort, to have its own way in pursuing a country’s path of overpopulated survival. With capitalism being offered incense and ablutions, the Obama’s and Netanyahu’s lie nakedly to the entire world and few call them on it.

Israel has a right to defend itself. Really? Palestine doesn’t? Why isn’t the Leader-from-Behind Obama making that point? He could be educating the masses. Because he can’t and still play his dishonest role. He must lie by continuing the lie to stoke the fires of controlling all the cogs and wheels the keep in place a muderous death knell on a people, the Palestinians, who challenge not Israel’s right to exist but their right to remain unexposed for their blatant stealing of another nation’s lands in their pursuit of an Israel for Israelis only.

And the price?___ the starkly obvious means to achieve this, an incremental genocide, that was ironically the catalyst emanating from their Holocaust history to the creation of their state which was called Palestine in 1947. So now the Abused has become the Abuser. And the justification must be cloaked in anything but the Truth. And all facts must be manufactured to blind the world to the reality that they are stealing what belongs to the Palestinian People. And an American president who plays his role of further embellishing the lie for it serves the self interest of the country he drives towards total world hegemony of resources and financial gains.

In 1947, in the country of Palestine, there were 500,000 Jews and 1,500,000 Palestinians. So in 1948, the world saw fit to create two states essentially giving the Jews 78% of the land and 22% to the Palestinians. Seem fair, right? To the smaller population, the far larger portion. Did the Palestinians approve that arrangement? Of course not. The rest is history.

But a dishonorable history cannot be allowed to exist. So lies needed to be created to cover up the blood soaked, dirty laundry. And each country that was instrumental in that original theft, i.e. Israel, US, and Britain took their cues from the Nazis’ Goebbels and hence the repeated lies began.

Yesterday in the Parliament of Great Britain parliamentarians got up and spoke, exposing those lies, their hypocrisy and illegality, but will they be heard?

Each role player on the world scene will stifle his uncontrollably exploding conscience and repeat the mantra of the Lie. Why? Because it serves each role player’s SELF-INTEREST to do so.

And more innocent Palestinians will be mutilated or murdered with American military hardware given to our Israeli twin evil brother to further blot out the cries of a People who for some strange reason don’t care to live in an open air prison, where their food, water, infrastructure materials, and medicine is controlled by a military regime surrounding the cage they’re suffocating in, where their movements are limited to the dictates of their outside prison guards, where their rights to even fish in the own waters off their shores to feed their people is quashed, where their means of outside revenues is non-existent since exports are forbidden, and where they don’t even have the right to their skies above their prison camp as they have no airport since it was summarily destroyed by their warden.

And thus Self-Interest has become the hallmark of great nations_where Self-Reflection is an obstacle to the manufacturing of the LIE.

–Bob of Occupy

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9 tents going up at 5pm today (Wednesday, July 16) @ Staples, Berkeley

Received in email an hour or so ago:

Subject: Re: [occupyoakland] 9 TENTS going up at 5 PM Wednesday` @ Staples

Press Release–Please Circulate

Plans are for 9 tents and more to be set up at Staples at 5 PM. today
Wednesday, July 16. with an art party for decoration of the tents
and area. Members from Berkeley Post Office Defense and Occupy San
Francisco who have been holding a 24-7 all day all night “Boycott
Staples” protest for over 2 weeks are expanding the action and
welcoming new support. The Boycott has been taken up by the 4 postal
workers unions and the national teachers unions. Hundreds of people
in the Berkeley area have been boycotting the store which is
privatizing postal services and doing postal business for profit
while paying low wages to less trained workers with no or limited benefits.

Protesters will be making a tent line around the building.
Protestors welcome donations of food or money for literature distribution.

Come on down to Staples 2352 Shattuck (@Durant) in Berkeley

Please help us get some press coverage
Please help get the word out. to other activists for day and/or
night presence.
There is need for food and money support.

Action Council Events — July 16 to August 6


Websites for DRAFT of Street Theater & Updates



For the Third Convergence

September 20, 2014

4:00pm – 8:00pm

OccupySF Action Council:: http://occupyactionsf.org/

OccupySF: http://occupysf.org/


House Concurrent Resolution # 105, a privileged resolution under the War Powers Resolution that will force a debate and vote on U.S. military intervention in Iraq. It will come up for a debate and vote within fifteen days of the date in which it was filed. (Filed on July 11, 2014)

Resolution: https://beta.congress.gov/bill/113th-congress/house-concurrent-resolution/105/text

Co-sponsors are needed. Please ask your member of Congress to co-sponsor House Concurrent Resolution 105.

Call the Congressional Switchboard at 202-224-3121.

Nancy Pelosi
SF Office: 415 – 556 – 4862
Washington, DC Office: 202 – 225 – 4965

Wednesday, July 16

J 16, 9:00 am – CCSF – Defend Herrera vs ACCJC

State Superior Court of the State of California
400 McAllister Street at Polk, Department 304

The ACCJC’s lawyers are doing anything they can to try and stop City Attorney Dennis Herrera’s lawsuit. Next week, the ACCJC will ask that the suit be set aside or thrown out entirely. We need to show Judge Curtis Karnow that CCSF has lots of community support. Are you available to join us in court on July 16? Here are the details:

If you can make phone calls to faculty and community members to ask them to come on July 16, please email organizer Athena Waid (awaid@aft2121.org)

J 16, Wednesday 11:00 am – Rally at STAPLES – STOP the Privatization of the U.S. Post Office (possible Postal Union Rally)

2352 #100 Shattuck (corner of Durant & Shattuck)
Berkeley, CA

“First They Came For The Homeless…” have been holding a 24/7 presence outside the Staples in Berkeley. The Postal Union probably will be having a rally. Check:

Info / Updates: https://www.facebook.com/pages/First-they-came-for-the-homeless/253882908111999 or APWU site

Even if there isn’t a Rally come out to support the 24/7 presence and keep the message alive!!

J 16 Wednesday, 5:30pm – 6:30pm, CODEPINK’S Weekly PEACE Vigil

Market Street on the steps below Feinstein’s office at Montgomery and Market,
directly above the Montgomery BART/Muni station.

All are welcomed to participate!



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“Abe Lincoln: Pro Labor” by Rex Freedom (via dailykos.com)

In researching Lincoln for an upcoming event to mark the 200th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln’s birth, February 12, 1809, my wife happened upon a most interesting quote from the 16th (and first Republican) President:

Lincoln quote

[Click to enlarge.]

My how they have lost their way. Now I propose shining a light for them. Read below for the outlines of The Lincoln Labor Lovebomb Project, which I propose for all who are willing, over the next 14 days… and beyond!

I propose we send the JPG shown above, and/or this high-res printable PDF version, to anyone and everyone Dem, Progressive, Liberal, and/or Thinking, with instructions to send it on the their R friends (or just acquaintances, or people you read or hear about, if that’s all you have) on or near February 12, 2009.

I myself was floored to see such a quote. As someone with an Econ degree, who has argued a ton of economic policy with my corporatist in-laws and other “wingnuts,” this is sweet vindication.

I dare say I have argued similar points with them, certainly not as eloquently and succinctly as Mr. Lincoln, but now…

I’m sure we all know already, but in case anyone reading does not know, the Republican party, right down to the reddest hamlet of the land, holds annual Lincoln Day Dinners, the mirror of our Jefferson-Jackson Day Dinners. My how their gonna have a bitter pill to swallow at those dinners when this comes up. Of course they’ll explain it away, or some other BS to say it does not matter.

Upon reading the entire text of Lincoln’s First Annual Message to Congress, December 3, 1861, they could argue that Lincoln was talking about slavery, or government workers, or some other cognitive interference to obscure the fact that Lincoln was indeed talking about the classic economic concepts of Labor and Capital. Not just about his window in history, not just about those particular circumstances, Lincoln was talking about all time, from caveman and cavewoman days to the present “advanced” economy.

Again, not to belabor the obvious, “Labor” and “Capital” used as such is straight up Economics canon, discussed in universities worldwide from Econ 101 to Econ 999. The concepts of “Labor” and “Capital” are as important to Economic Theory as “The Trinity” is to Christianity, perhaps only rivaled by “Supply” and “Demand” as the key to the universe, Economically speaking of course. Lincoln knew EXACTLY what he was saying, and his statement is as relevant today as it ever was.

So send this JPG out through email, or perpetuate on the text of the quote any way you can. Don’t wait until the 12th to get started. Print out the PDF and put it up in your workplace lunchroom. Make prints for people that are not on the net. For those of you out of work, stay strong, positive, and focussed–help is on the way. That said, you guys may have the most time of all to send this quote to millions of places.

But definitely send it to as many Rs as possible on Feb. 12: Senators, House Reps, Talk Radio and Cable Hooligans, your in-laws… Any of you out there got the money to put this on a billboard???

Released Occupy Activist Cecily McMillan: “There’s No Sense in Prison”

Cecily McMillan
Sarah Jaffe, Truthout: Released from Rikers prison after serving 58 days, Occupy activist Cecily McMillan discusses prisons, policing and why she’ll keep protesting.

Read the Interview:  http://www.truth-out.org/news/item/24920-released-occupy-activist-cecily-mcmillan-theres-no-sense-in-prison

Link to Democracy Now! July 14, 2014 interview on video:  http://www.democracynow.org/2014/7/14/your_body_is_no_longer_your