Editorial: “Poverty and Hunger is selective…” by Bob of Occupy

Reader, I woke up this morning, turned on the Corporate Enabling Media only to discover that student athletes are going to bed hungry in this country at prestigious colleges and universities.

No Division I college athlete should never go to bed “starving” again. Following a meeting of its Legislative Council on Tuesday, the NCAA announced the removal of meal and snack restrictions on Division I athletes, according to NCAA associate director of communications Michelle Brutlag Hosick.

Whereas previously student-athletes were afforded only three meals per day, they will now have unlimited access to meals provided by on-campus facilities. The privilege will extend to walk-on athletes as well.

Headline news this morning on MSNBC. These starving students will now have “unlimited meals and snacks”. Snacks mind you! Unlimited!

Sometimes, my mind reels at our perverted sense of priorities as a nation. Poverty in this country is at a higher percentage than it has been for decades. Children are going to school and bed hungry. The homeless population has increased. More and more of the dying middle class are joining their ranks. The US Congress had an answer to this dilemma_to cut Food Stamps programs.

Does that even send a momentary synapsis to the frontal lobes of our brains or do we just move on to the next diversion that grabs our frenetic minds or to that dark and worn down gully we call our daily grinding routines?

What does this say about our society? We care more about college athletes on sports scholarships than we do about children, old people, and the homeless among us?

Among those in our institutes of higher learning we are hearing repeated over and over again that the number one determinant of educational failure is Poverty, and that leads to an increase in the prison population and to the coffers of the Prison-Industrial Complex.

And yet, an $875 million dollar a year sports council can open their food lockers to their “starving student athletes” while the US Congress can only slam shut theirs because…why?

And, by the way, that very same Congress has chosen to cut off extending unemployment benefits for working American families who lost their jobs due to the sociopathic gambling of the 1% whose stock portfolios have increased exponentially and who have received bailouts not only from the American people but also from their friendly banksters-cohorts at the Federal Reserve. Corporate welfare for the 1% and “lump it” (I can’t say “fuck you”_guess I just did, huh?) for the 99%.

Is it because these student athletes might just be the source of more revenues for investors down the line? Or is it that these student athletes might be the source of one more star studded, celebrity driven diversion for the Masses to take their minds off of their woeful economic conditions while our dystopian culture continues to rush headlong over the cliff of common sense, compassion, cooperation, and community?

–Bob of Occupy

Link to Strike Debt Radio, Show #6, on “The FED”

Strike Debt Radio, Show #6, on “The FED”
We look at the Federal Reserve and address the common misconception that it’s controlled by the US Government.  We also reveal the ways – there are several – that the big commercial banks benefit when the Federal deficit increases.

Link to audio:  https://www.kpfa.org/archive/id/101972

“The FED” begins at minute 43:22 or so.

Action Council Events — April 14 to April 28

***Note: April 19, Saturday, 11:00am – 1:30 pm San Francisco Action Parade and Rally for Earth Day

All are invited to march with Occupy San Francisco Action Council – Look for the red banner

11:00 am – Meet at Chelsea Manning Plaza – The Bocce Court

-march will go to UN Plaza / Civic Center to Earth Day SF 2014 Festivities

Monday, April 14

April 14, Monday (Various times depending on location!) BART STATIONS: GLOBAL DAY OF ACTION AGAINST MILITARY SPENDING

Press Conference – 11:30 am – Oakland Federal Building (nr. 12th Street BART)

Action consist of passing out fliers at various Bay Area BART Stations at various times. Action initiated by the Bay Area New Priorities Campaign

Info / Schedule: http://newprioritiescampaign.org/2014/04/08/join-us-at-a-bart-station-for-gdams-on-monday-april-14/

April 14, Monday, 3:00pm – CALL FOR COMMUNITY ACTION – Alejandro Nieto (Press Conference)

Front of San Francisco City Hall

Stand with us for truth.
Tomorrow, Monday, April 14th the parents of Alejandro Nieto will file a Claim against the City and County of San Francisco for the egregious and wrongful death of their son (28 years old), shot dead by San Francisco Police officers on March 21st, 2014 on Bernal Hill Park.
After the filing, on the front steps of City Hall at 3:00 p.m. a family representative, will make a brief statement to the press. Please support the family’s claim for justice by joining us at City Hall.
Info: http://justice4alexnieto.org/2014/04/13/call-for-action/

April 14, Monday 6:00pm – 9:00pm – OccupyForum Presents: Our Homes, Our Neighborhoods – The Fight to Wake up the City,

Stop Displacement and Take Back Control of Our Communities

Global Exchange
2017 Mission St. (nr 16th Street BART)

Guest speakers Julien Ball / SF ACCE and foreclosure and eviction fighters like Eviction-Free SF

On the heels of a foreclosure crisis that devastated the southeast side, San Francisco saw a tech boom. Real estate speculators took advantage of the cheap land and are making super-profits off wealthier San Francisco transplants, while kicking long-time homeowners and renters out of their homes using foreclosures, rental evictions, and buy-outs.

Meanwhile, newer businesses in neighborhoods like the Mission cater to the needs of the wealthier residents; in one particularly egregious example, Local’s Corner, (an upscale restaurant,) has denied service to Latino residents in their very own Mission.

The needs of long-time San Franciscans are often ignored, and we are made to feel like strangers in our own neighborhoods, and then, a trigger: Alex Nietos murdered by police in Bernal Heights.

Find out how our neighbors are banding together to fight to stay in San Francisco and control what our neighborhoods look like, and join forces with those of us who find unacceptable a dynamic where a beloved young man is shot in cold blood for looking too brown.

Tuesday, April 15

April 15, Tuesday, 5:30 pm – A Tax Day For Justice: Call-In/Fax-in to Dirty Dozen’s Kaushik Dattani, Followed by Evening Picket

2:00 pm- Leafleting

3232 – 22nd Street
San Francisco, CA 94110

5:00 pm Closing Picket

3222 – 22nd Street

Join Eviction Free San Francisco and the tenants’ justice movement in protest of one of San Francisco’s biggest serial evictors!

Kaushik “Kenny” Dattani’s greedy ways have earned him the notoriety of becoming of part of the Anti-Eviction Mapping Projects Dirty Dozen: http://antievictionmap.squarespace.com/dirty-dozen/. In his career as a landlord, he has ruthlessly evicted 25 of his units, and now he is after the home of long-term Mission residents Tom and Patricia!

Let’s help keep our friends in their home by turning up the heat on Dattani. How are we going to do this? Hint: part of Dattani’s services is accounting. We thought that Tax Day, April 15, would be a great opportunity to encourage this landlord to do the right thing by backing off the eviction of Tom and Patricia.

Call, E-mail, or FAX Dattani the following:

“”Hi, my name is______ and I am asking you today, Tax Day, to cease the eviction of your tenants at 3305 20th Street. I am aware that Tom and Patricia have been loyal, responsible, rent paying tenants, and that Patricia is living off of disability income and may not be easily rehoused. This is not right. Please, have a heart, and consider the people that will be hurt by this eviction if it continues to happen.”

Contacts are:
Phone: 415-546-1238
Fax: 415-546-1421
Email info@dattani.net

Info / RSVP to event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1460092177556941/

April 15, Tuesday, 11:30 am – Apple Tax Day Action

801 Market St., SF

On Tax Day, millions of community members will do what generations before have done– contribute to the Bay Area’s future. So why isn’t Apple doing the same? Security officers and community supporters will gather outside the San Francisco Apple flagship store on Tuesday to call on the tech giant to pay taxes on $15 billion, a small portion– the Bay Area’s share– of Apple’s $102 billion overseas cash. Our taxes have built a world-class infrastructure that Apple relies on every day to generate profit. We are all responsible for the Bay Area’s upkeep– it’s time that Apple pay its fair share too.

Organized by SEIU USWW. (fr. Jobs with Justice)

April 15, Tuesday, 4:00 pm – Tax Day Mega-Rally

City Hall, SF

Tell Twitter, Microsoft, Google and other tech corporations to pay their taxes instead of accepting tens of millions of dollars in tax breaks from the city. Twitter alone gets $56 million, Kaiser $87 million — even as the mayor cries “deficit” and cuts public services.

We’ll meet at City Hall then march to take our protest to the corporations’ doorsteps.

Organized by SEIU 1021. RSVP on Facebook here.

Wednesday, April 16

April 16, Wednesday – 5:30pm – 6:30 pm –CODEPINK’s WEEKLY PEACE VIGIL

Market Street on the steps below Feinstein’s office at Montgomery & Market directly above the Montgomery BART/Muni station.


Thursday, April 17

April 17, Thursday, 5:00 pm – Richmond City Council Meeting – RE: Chevron Expansion

Richmond City Hall

Saturday, April 19

April 19, Saturday, 11:00am -1:30 pm San Francisco Action Parade and Rally (from 350.org)

All are invited to march with OccupySF Action Council – Look for the red banner- 11:00 am at the Bocce Court

Spring Forward on the Climate: Earth Day with Bill McKibben

Join us in a march for Climate Justice and the Earth on April 19. Starting from (Chelsea Manning Plaza!) Justin Herman Plaza and ending at the UN Plaza, a rally with speakers will follow at 1pm. Note: Earth Day Festival will be going on at Civic Center & UN Plaza from 10am-6pm
Info: http://www.350bayarea.org/earthday-sf?utm_campaign=140403fullevent&utm_medium=email&utm_source=350bayarea

Sunday, April 20

April 20, Sunday 12Noon – 3:00pm – Potlucks Not Gentrification!! 3:00pm – 5:00 pm Coordination Meeting

Noon–3pm @ 16th St BART

Calling all neighbors and organizers against police violence, displacement, gentrification, and the tech industry’s takeover of the Bay Area!

Make new friends. Strengthen your existing ties. Let’s commune and collectively weave the social/personal fabric that can sustain us in the battle against the forces destroying our cities.

We encourage you to bring tables/literature if you want to treat the potluck as an action fair, bring art supplies if you want to make banners/posters or lead workshops, use the plaza as a home base if you have other events and actions happening nearby, bring poems to read to inspire each other, etc. Make of it what you will. And of course, plenty of delicious food to share.

Coordination Meeting
3–5pm @ TBD

How can we work and coordinate together in order to strengthen our affinities? What actions and projects would you like to work on? What do you need from others to make them happen? What can you contribute? What upcoming action would be made more powerful by our coordination?

This will be a focused planning session for groups and individuals to build on existing direct action communities. Please think about how your own goals, commitment, relationships, connections, and ideas can be shared with others, and bring them to the table! A potluck of ideas.

Thursday, April 24

April 24, Thursday 10:00 am SF, 1:00pm San Leandro and 3:30 pm Campbell – STOP PRIVATIZATION OF THE POST OFFICE
Postal Workers National Day Of Action Against Privatization At Staples (Corrupt Blum-Feinstein Connection)


Time: 10:00 AM

Address: 1700 Van Ness Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94109


Time: 1:00 PM
Address: 15555 East 14th Street #200, San Leandro, CA 94578


Time: 3:30 PM
Address: 500 East Hamilton Avenue, Campbell, CA 95008


Saturday, April 26

April 26, Saturday, 11:00 am – PEOPLE’S EARTH DAY 2014 – Environmental Justice Walk Against Cancer and Pollution

Martin Luther King Jr. Park
5700 block of 3rd Street at Carroll
Bayview Hunters Point

Let’s march together in memory of our loved ones who have passed or are suffering from cancer,
and dedicate ourselves to work for healthy communities and environmental and climate justice.

Stop pollution of our communities! Toxic waste & neighborhoods don’t mix! Protect communities from climate change & rising sea levels that threaten to flood toxic sites near our homes!

Sponsored by Greenaction for Health and Environmental Justice, Huntersview Mothers and Fathers Committee for Health and Environmental Justice, 350.org Bay Area, 350 SF, Breast Cancer Action, Bayview Footprint, Sunflower Alliance, Occupy San Francisco Environmental Justice Working Group, West Berkeley Alliance for Clean Air & Safe Jobs

Info: 415-447-3904 greenaction@greenaction.org www.greenaction.org

April 26, Saturday, 1:30pm – 4:00pm Gray Panthers Benefit with Dave Welch

Age Song Café
601 Hayes Street (corner of Laguna)

Our friend, Dave Welch, will be performing. He sings for Justice for the postal workers, people of Haiti and all of us!

Info: http://tinyurl.com/oa7w2uj

Sunday, April 27

April 27, Sunday – 10:00 am – Canvas Richmond RE: Chevron Refinery Expansion Plans

Bobby Brown Center

Contact: earlyave@gmail.com

Monday, April 28

April 28, Monday, 7:00pm – SF Workers Memorial Day-Fighting for Health And Safety & Healthcare For Injured Workers

Remember The Dead, Fight For The Living

ILWU Local 34
5 Berry St./Next To AT&T Ball Park San Francisco, CA

Join injured workers, health and safety advocates, healthcare advocates and others on Workers Memorial Day in San Francisco on April 28, 2014. In California workers face a more and more dangerous situation on the job with injuries and deaths from workplace toxins and hazards. New technologies such as biotech and nanotech are unregulated and workers union and unorganized who speak out about health and safety are illegally retaliated against in many workplaces.

California has only 166 OSHA inspectors for 18 million workers and the state refuses to even hire more inspectors with money that has already been appropriated. Ca-OSHA whistleblowers are now speaking out about the need to defend Ca-OSHA to protect California workers on the job. There is a growing scandal at Cal-OSHA and DIR because they have not spent the money they have for a proper number of OSHA inspectors.

Workplace bullying on the job is also creating more health problems including depression which is now a larger part of workplace injuries yet has been threatened by California SB 863 which limits compensation for these injuries.

Injured workers also face a growing crisis after they have to go through one obstacle course after another to get their healthcare. Doctors who are not even licensed in California operate through an outsourced company called Maximus which has anonymous doctors giving determination about whether workers are able to get their healthcare needs met.

On this day we will commemorate those workers killed on the job and those workers and their families who are fighting for healthcare and justice on the job.

Initial Speakers:

Brenda Barros, SEIU 1021 SF Cope Chair and SF General Hospital Worker
Dr. Larry Rose, Past Medical Director Cal-OSHA
Sean Gillis, IFPTE 21 Oakland Unit M
Brian Carrasso, Injured worker at Clark Pest Control
George Figuerero ATU 1555 BART 2014 Strike Coordinator

Sponsored by:

Injured Workers National Network www.iwnn.org


California Coalition For Workers Memorial Day www.workersmemorialday.org
http ://www.aflcio.org/Issues/Job-Safety/WorkersMemorialDay

For information contact (415)282-1908

Watchdog Group: Cal/OSHA’s Staff Level Has Fallen Below Minimum Standard for Federal Funding




Workplace Bullying Takes Its Toll-Mistreatment at city departments costs San Francisco millions



Friday, April 18: Good Friday with Kathy Kelly
3:00-5:00 PM
Main (Schneider) Gate, North Beale Road

Info: https://www.facebook.com/OccupyBealeAirForceBase

Monday & Tuesday, April 28-29: Veterans Unite Against Drones
sponsored by Sacramento Veterans for Peace
contact Barry Binks, bbinks@me.com

Info: https://www.facebook.com/OccupyBealeAirForceBase


From 99Rise

May 3 – May 4 – 5/4 10am – 6pm
At Global Exchange 2017 Mission St, SF (just across the street from 16th st BART)

This free, intensive 2 day training will give you the entire “DNA” of 99Rise – everything that makes this movement tick – so that by the end of the weekend, you’ll have received the full set of theoretical, strategic, relational, and communications tools needed to become a 99Rise leader, form an independent team, and spread the DNA in your community. Do the training, be the movement.

The training will include:
*The basic dynamics of nonviolent conflict and civil resistance.
*How to share your story to mobilize supporters and build community.
*The grand strategy and principles of 99Rise.
*Organizing 101 and effective action planning.

Facebook event link here https://www.facebook.com/events/1410876362507764/

May 3 “Share the Bulb” Dog Show / Potluck picnic 10:00 am – All Day (510) 541-3835

“Where Do You Go When It Rains?” — the Albany Bulb

Residents of the Albany Landfill, or Albany Bulb in Albany, CA face eviction from their ‘homeless’ encampment by the City Government. Over 60 people live at the Bulb, many for over 5 years and some as long as 20 years. But the City is not offering the people anything, no other housing nor any money to try and find housing. The people explain the trials poor people face in the United States, including low-paying jobs, the mental health system, and incarceration. They explain how they are not homeless, they have been living at the Albany Bulb for many years. The film shows their strength in the face of so much against them. Please see www.sharethebulb.org for more information.