Berkeley Post Office Occupation — Day 40 (via Mike Wilson)

Berkeley PO 3

Bear, Mike Zint, Charles, Pirate Mike, and Lilith are maintaining our presence at the Berkeley Post Office in spite of heavy rain and wind, and in spite of continued harassment by the USPS Police.

Please go to the post office sometime today and give them an opportunity to leave the site for short periods at least.  Without community members spelling them, they can’t leave.  The USPS Police came this morning at 5:30AM to try to drive occupiers away and seize any unattended property of the encampment.  They may try to take advantage of the bad weather to dismantle our structure if the main defenders can’t stay out in this storm all day without relief.

In addition, our heroic defenders could use:

  • Dry socks
  • Dry clothes of all kinds
  • Dry blankets
  • Wood pallets to elevate their tents
  • Dry cardboard
  • Hot food
  • Cheerful company

Occupy Forum Field Trip . . . Teach-in & Fundraiser for the People’s Climate Summit in Lima, Peru, on Monday, December 8

Monday, December 8th at 7:00 pm

Eric Quezada Center for Culture and Politics

518 Valencia Street

San Francisco, California 94111

OccupyForum Field Trip

SF Climate Forum:

From Lima to Paris –

The Road To Climate Justice in 2015

Teach-in & Fundraiser for the Caravana Climatica

 and the People’s Climate Summit in Lima, Peru

The United Nations’ climate talks are convening in Lima, Peru from December 1-12,  yet again to trade away a just and stable climate to corporations and wealthy nations. Social movements throughout Latin America have mobilized to be heard inside and outside the Lima meetings at the People’s Climate Summit. Caravana Climatica, organized by Marea Creciante.

(Rising Tide Mexico) has traveled through Mexico, Central America and South America, building solidarity amongst communities facing devastation at the point of destruction.

In Dec 2015, the United Nations will convene again in Paris, France to make decisions about our climate future. Between now and then, frontline communities and movements for climate justice and action will be mobilizing for the fight against climate change. We re-commit to mobilizing locally against fossil fuel infrastructure and Bay Area-based corporations profiting from climate change.

There will be a panel of speakers on climate and anti-extraction campaigns in Northern California, and a video call-in with Caravana Climatica organizers in Lima. Snacks and drinks will be available.

All donations will support the Caravana Climatica currently in Lima, Peru []. Organized by Diablo Rising Tide;

Sliding scale, no one turned away.

This event is a fundraiser for some really strapped for cash climate activists who have been traveling since March from Northern Mexico to Peru.