“Block the Boat” today (August 16)

Oakland Port Action
In Support of the People of Gaza!  

“BLOCK the BOAT”  

Saturday, August. 16, 3:00 pm

West Oakland BART Station

1451 7th Street, Oakland, California 94607


If you are planning on going to the action in Oakland on Saturday 08/16,

 Text the word ‘Join’ to 510-346-5951 for updates.   

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Block the Boat


TED talk: Eric Liu on “Why ordinary people need to understand power”

Far too many Americans are illiterate in power — what it is, how it operates and why some people have it. As a result, those few who do understand power wield disproportionate influence over everyone else. “We need to make civics sexy again,” says civics educator Eric Liu. “As sexy as it was during the American Revolution or the Civil Rights Movement.”

Websites are:  http://www.citizenuniversity.us/ or https://www.facebook.com/CitizenUniversity

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Press Release from the Occupy National Gathering (via Angelina Llongueras)

Together We Rose!  Occupy’s Third National Gathering
Last week in Sacramento, the Occupy movement came together for reflection, learning, planning, sharing—and yes, marching!  Despite drought and heat of 100°+, Occupiers from up and down the West Coast, as well as other areas of the country (and a few from elsewhere on the globe) shared 5 days of activism and discussion.
Tonight is the DeBrief call where we discuss what worked well this year, what didn’t, and what could be done better next time Occupy does something like this.
Register for the call here: