Occupy Protesters Win Legal Victory over Brooklyn Bridge Arrests (via DemocracyNow.org)

Occupy on Brooklyn Bridge

Occupy Forum presents . . . A film by Stephen Vittoria: “Mumia Long Distance Revolutionary: A Journey with Mumia Abu-Jamal” on Monday, August 25

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A film by Stephen Vittoria

Mumia Long Distance Revolutionary

A Journey with Mumia Abu-Jamal

Through prison interviews, archival footage, dramatic readings, as well as a potent chorus of voices, this riveting film explores Mumia’s life before, during and after Death Row.

Mumia Abu-Jamal is an internationally celebrated writer and radio journalist who has devoted his life both inside and outside prison to resistance media.

He is the author of eight books and hundreds of columns, articles, and radio broadcasts; an organizer and inspiration for the prison lawyers movement where prisoners dedicate time to helping fellow prisoners; former member of the Black Panther Party, and supporter of Philadelphia’s MOVE organization of the 1970s which advocated green politics, expressed its opposition to technology and zoos, and supported animal rights. Mumia was framed for the death in 1981 of Philadelphia policeman, Daniel Faulkner, and has spent more than 30 years in prison, almost all of it in solitary confinement on Pennsylvania’s Death Row.

Mumia Long Distance Revolutionary is a powerful documentary that includes the story of the Philadelphia police crackdown of the MOVE organization in the late 70s. You can make your own connections between that event and more recent events in Ferguson, MO and elsewhere.

Frank Rizzo, Chief of Police, in Philadelphia at the time of the confrontations was quoted as saying, “The police department in Philadelphia could invade Cuba and win” and “What I’m saying is that we are now trained and equipped to fight wars.”

“He is Mumia Abu-Jamal on Death Row. No parole. Speaking from the depths of his soul, depths of his heart, depths of his mind of the sufferings of others, not even his own suffering, the sufferings of others.” –Cornel West

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Op-Ed: “Norman Finkelstein Speaks in San Francisco August 23″ by Bob of Occupy

Tonight in San Francisco, Augusts 23rd, at a fundraiser for Children in the Gaza, Norman Finkelstein was the guest speaker.

For those of you who may not be familiar with him, Norman Finkelstein is a professor of Political Theory, the writer of nine books dealing with the Israeli Conflict with the Palestinian People, an American Jew himself, and the son of parents who were Holocaust victims. His parents taught him that from their experience they had learned genocide, incremental or otherwise, was an atrocious and unconscionable act against humanity no matter what group or race was on the receiving end of it. They personally deplored what they saw the Israelis were doing to the Palestinians as a desecration to the memory of all the Jews who died in the Holocaust.

Norman Finkelstein’s presentation covered so many aspects of the recent Massacre in Gaza giving information that goes unreported by the mainstream media in this country, a great failure of a Fourth Estate that should be informing the People of the full context of the recent event.

For instance it has been reported that Netanyahu’s government has justified its bombardment of Gaza as necessary to seal off the tunnel systems that reach into Israel. There are actually 32 of them, only 12 of which actually cross the border. He pointed out how the media has portrayed them as the means by which Hamas fighters are able to enter Israel and attack and kill innocent Israelis at kindergartens, nursery schools, old peoples homes, and other such propagandistic caricatures to sway the international community into thinking of the Palestinians as the most vile, despicable terrorists in the history of the world. Even Attila the Hun would not impale babies on pitchforks but the Palestinians of course would. Point of fact those 12 tunnels have been used soley to go after Israeli combatants, the rest are the mouthings of the Israeli propaganda machine, unrivalled in its capability to deceive masses of people and our Fourth Estate, our so-called Free Press, at the same time.

What our Press has failed to expose by doing any noticeable research other than getting their talking points from the Israeli government and our bought and paid for State Department is the context that surround the lies and the distortions of truth which if given reveal a picture far different than what the American Public is aware of.

An example: When Generalissimo al Sissi came to power in Egypt after killing more than 1000 peaceful, non-violent protesters in the streets of Egypt, one of his first tasks was to “seal off” the tunnels bordering Gaza. There were more than a thousand of them. He was successful in doing so. Did it entail leveling Gaza’s interior to do so? Of course not. He merely sealed off 1000 tunnels on the border.

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Dignity [Homeless] Village (via Wikipedia.org and The Visionary Activist Show — August 21, 2014)

Dignity Village is a city-recognized encampment of an estimated 60 homeless people in Portland, Oregon, United States.

In the days before Christmas of 2000, a group of homeless people in Portland succeeded in establishing a tent city which garnered a great deal of both opposition and support, and quickly evolved from a group of self-described “outsiders” who practiced civil disobedience, to a self-regulating, city-recognized “campground” as defined by Portland city code.

The Village now features dedicated land near Portland International Airport, elected community officials and crude but functional cooking, social, electric, and sanitary facilities, Dignity Village got its start as a collection of tents and campers “squatting” illegally on unused public land near Downtown Portland.


From confrontation to accommodation
Initially confronted by police for their unlicensed use of public land, the initial group of eight men and women had the benefit of a forceful voice in the person of homeless activist Jack Tafari, and the early support of a few local politicians and associated coverage in the local media. The Portland police department eventually realized that the group, then calling themselves Camp Dignity, was engaged in complicated Constitutional issues of redress of grievance, and deferred the political issue to the local political authority: The Portland City Council and Mayor.

Once established in the gray area of political speech, the fortunes of Dignity Village increased and picked up significant media coverage and popular support, but at the same time, they faced a compromise that the group found hard to swallow, having initially fought against.

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Badass democracy – reclaiming the public commons: Mark Lakeman at TEDxSantaCruz

With the lowest number of community gathering places of all first world nations, it’s time for the USA to transform space into place. This talk will describe a grand but doable community-level strategy that is already underway across the American grid.

This TEDxSantaCruz talk is one of 22 surrounding our theme of “Activate” at the third full-day TEDxSantaCruz event held March 8, 2014 at the Hotel Paradox in Santa Cruz, CA. http://www.tedxsantacruz.org/

Mark Lakeman is an unusual urban designer, social catalyst, and a place making pioneer. As founder of the design activist cultures of the City Repair Project, communitecture design collaborative, and Planet Repair Institute, Mark’s work challenges conventions of thought and action, and even dares to suggest that much of history, that seems long past, may not yet be settled. His work to transform the American colonial grid into a network of intersections of convergence and cultural expression has become a movement that spans the continent. With more than 350 projects in Portland, Oregon alone, the projects emerge from communities as outrageous fusions of unheard of functions and irrepressible forms, in which design is employed as a means to bring people together. As a son of Portland, Oregon’s visionary culture of design activism, Mark helps keep his city on the edge. http://www.communitecture.net/

In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. At a TEDx event, TEDTalks video and live speakers combine to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group. These local, self-organized events are branded TEDx, where x = independently organized TED event. The TED Conference provides general guidance for the TEDx program, but individual TEDx events are self-organized.* (*Subject to certain rules and regulations)